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Monday, October 11, 2010

Action Needed!! Petition Signing Please?!?

As per Request of MO, I have amended this post just a bit.
MO brought this to my attention for a petition and it was started by a lady named Lori that Lost her Father to COPD.  So in that, I was not trying to give credit to MO but am truly glad she brought this to My/Our attention for Lori and all of us that have some form of COPD!

Anything at Anytime as you all know is my "OUTLET" to the world in many ways but one of the main reasons is my Emphysema.  There are many links in this post today but they go to only 3 sites: Here/Emphysema Journal, MO's Site, and a Petition site.  Please read on and see if it is something you would be interested in.

From time to time you see me comment about it, but not all that frequently, here on the main page and my Emphysema Journal here on the site is updated as I feel a need to comment on how I am feeling and how it is effecting me and my life.

Well, I have a Friend/Follower (and I follow her (MO)) that posted about a Petition online that is trying to get the U.S. Postal Service to create a Gold Ribbon Stamp for COPD.  Emphysema is one of several complications that make up COPD.  If you are wondering COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  It has no true Cure.  Those of us that have a form of it are stuck with it for life unless they are bad enough off and fit the criteria for a Lung reduction or Transplant surgery.  It can be controlled to a limit but We will always have complications and need to be a bit more alert of what is going on around us with colds and flues etc......

I am asking for Any (that come across my site) and All that read my site please go to The Petition Site and sign the Petition to get the first stages on the way to getting the U.S. Postal Service to create a COPD Ribbon Stamp in recognition of a disease that many Millions of people have.

Right now the aim is for 1,000 signatures and we are at 551 (I was #551).

On the site they have a picture of a metal Gold Ribbon that could represent a good stamp or be a representation for the U.S. Post Office to go by that was offered up by Lori.  Personally, I think that her picture would make a great looking stamp with a bit of the Postal Services talent for providing good looking Art on Stamps.

If you need good information on Emphysema/COPD then visit MO's site as she has many many more links than I have and basically is a Great Resource to get info.  If you are interested in the Topic please follow her and get a link to her to make her more accessible to the public rather than just a few of us.

Please, DO NOT Forget to go to The Petition Site and Sign the Petition to get us a COPD Stamp.

Thanks ALL of You.


P.S. Please Pass this on and either link to the Petition site or MO's or to this page so that others can sign the more the better.


  1. I shall do this for you my good man :-).

  2. I shall sign also and just to let you you know you are tagged in a treasure hunt
    check my blog for the rules

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