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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quick Note & Captcha Humor Episode 3

Anything at Anytime has a input from you request for yesterday's post.

Basically it is what or how should I be dressed for Halloween?  I am leaving that open for my readers and any and all that visit the site and wish to comment and be included.

I will have a Before and After picture so that you may see and Judge how we (Jackie and I) did on my costume.

The most Common/Popular choice will be what I dress as for Halloween.

The Only Limits will be that it has to be something I can dress as with materials here at home.  So feel free to look at yesterday's post and leave your comment/suggestion.  Pass it on or link to it and have all of your Friends visit and comment on it.

Now for some more of that interesting and often weird, nutty:

Captcha Humor
part 3

The First one for today went to a Poem and Picture site from a follower/friend/sometimes commenter here and with Her site this just fit.

Glowlish =  Glow + Delicious/Delish

Therefore Her Site is Glowlish!

This one was in response to a friend in AZ that just so happens to be a College Prof.  and I think you all know by now that I have the utmost respect for all Teachers and this one just fit because of that Profession.

What do All Teachers need at the end of the school year?

A bunch of     REST  Ohhhhhhh   Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This one was just so out there that I would get this slang for the site I commented on.  The site just so happens to be a Movie commentary site on the top 200 or so movies of all time.

Of Course what do you do for movies in advance of them coming out to the public?

You have     PROMOs

This one was priceless for the fact it fit so well with what I wrote at the bottom of the comment.

This was in response to a Friend from the Land Down Unda - She is selling her house and the post on the day was talking about how she was thinking about her routines and people she knows/but doesn't know and certain was of doing things where she currently lives and how it will be different when she sells her house and moves into whatever New Home they find.

So I guess in my response I am  " FORSE " ing her future.

This time around the system did not give me any "ADULT" Captchas but I have noticed that it comes and goes in groups so who knows what will come out next in Captcha Humor 4.

Hope you all run across interesting Captchas of your Own.

Oh, and Don't forget to look at yesterday's post and comment on what Costume you would be interested in seeing.


  1. love the Captchas. Blogger likes to call me names I think. Got "Hookers" the other day.

  2. Back again for another suggestion. A little naughty but you could be a cross dressing Dime store detective. Under the trench coat, something a little lacy. LOl, just a thought

  3. I love checking out your posts. The Captcha stuff is sometimes so goofy that I have to wonder if there isn't some weird guy sitting in a back room at google making up stuff as he goes along.


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