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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Halloween Choice

As promised Anything at Anytime has done the Halloween thing.

Since the 15 votes were not received we took the two that had the most votes:

The Mrs. Doubtfire type


The Crossdressing Dime Store Detective

If The girls were "Older" the Dime Store Detective more than likely would have been the choice.  With the Girls at the ages they are the Choice ended up going to the Mrs. Doubtfire look.

So as promised Before and After pictures of the "GET UP":


and the After:

And the Side x Side:

Since this is a simple post with the pictures from the Halloween Costume voting, I hope you all got a chuckle out of the Conversion to a Mrs. Doubtfire type person.

Let me know what you think and how much of a laugh you got.

A very interesting Conversion to say the least.

Hope you all have had or will have a Good Safe Halloween.


  1. Very good chuckle. Thankyou. Is that nail polish I see on those toes? I bet the girls had a lovely time dressing you up. Hope you had a great halloween. (email hopefully on its way)

  2. Oh my God you make a LOVELY girl. lol. MUCH better than Mrs. Doubtfire!

    I laughed on the third picture. Happy Halloween!

  3. I'm kind of tickled that you're wearing your Bearcats jersey in the "before" picture. Also, never seen you with your hair that long.

  4. Absolutely LOVE it!!! Your family is blessed to have a husband/father with such a great sense of humor!

  5. What am I doing looking at these pictures right before I go to bed? I might have nightmares about that suit!

    Got a good chuckle about this one, Dan!

  6. Oh, Danny.....girl? I love it!!

    I voted for the zombie, so you should have done a zombie Mrs. Doubtfire, but really....I love it just as it was.

    And I think it was really awesome you actually let us vote on it.

    You go girl.

  7. should we be worried about how comfortable you look in all that? especially the heels lol
    admire yer confidence to post pics
    bet you all had a blast wish i could of seen yer familys faces when they saw ya all done up were the kids grinning ear to ear?

    iv been told i sound like mrs doubtfire :-(

  8. the wid0w notes, "should we be worried about how comfortable you look in all that? especially the heels lol"

    Which is why I'm so amused by the football jersey. This boy played football in high school!! And yes, definitely admire the confidence. Looks like you had fun.

  9. Loved it! Glad the girls had fun! Really liked the hair do and the nail polish/hands & feet! Great job girls...Gma is proud of you ALL! :o)

  10. Oh, I am so glad I saw this! I think the best part is the expression on your face.

    p.s. aren't heels hideous?


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