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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cousin Murphy - hmmmmmm

Here at Anything at Anytime, I was looking back at some of the things I have written and I couldn't find anything about my Cousin Murphy.

The reason I mention this is because yesterday I would have had a good post up for everyone to read and more than likely it would have been the Post to bring the whole Internet to My Blog.  I am telling you, yesterday's post would have been that kind of Post.

Murphy that #@^%*@$#@ really jumped out and grabbed me yesterday.
(Well, not me but Jackie and the girls - by relation/connection - Me.)

Murphy's actions did not disrupt us just yesterday but changed how and when we do things for some days to come.

You know what?  I think you all know Murphy, just you don't realize it.  My Cousin Murphy is famous (or as Annah (at When Red Means Go) would say Famosity) in his own right.  He has been around a long time.  If it weren't for the fact that he and I are so close, you could almost say he was/is Immortal.  He has been around that long.

His disruption yesterday was two fold.  He was devious in his actions and Jackie and I were definitely unprepared for him.  His first action yesterday was to give Jackie a flat tire and when I say flat I mean FLAT!

Just as I was sitting down to write my post I get a call.  Jackie called and said from one moment to the next she had just gone and picked up our oldest from Volleyball and everything was fine, then when she started to backup the tire just was phhhhttttt FLAT.  I know it had air in it because I check the tires on both of the cars every couple of days just to keep and eye on them.
I have to I have precious cargo in those cars.

So running out the door I go with hydraulic jack and all and drive up there to get her and the girls and change a tire.

Damn, I am out of shape it took me longer than I recall to change a tire and talk about tired after.......
Anyway, the whole time I was cussing my Cousin Murphy.  After I had it changed and the spare on the car I had her drive home ahead of me, that is when Murphy struck again!

If you know who my Cousin Murphy is yet, No, I did not get a flat.  No, Cousin Murphy had something much much better in store for me.  Enough so that he reminded me of something that happened to my Father about 30 years ago (Yes, 30 years) when we lived in Germany and my Father was driving my middle brother and I to the airport.  For him (my Father), Cousin Murphy had helped cause my Father's muffler to come off of his car on the Autobahn (a place you definitely don't want to loose a muffler) and Dad had to run back down the road to grab the muffler and get it off the road and in the car.

Well, Cousin Murphy did not do that to me but as I am driving home behind Jackie, I am looking at her back end.  (Get your minds out of the Gutter!!!  I am talking about the back end of her Car!)
Something did not look right and it took me a few minutes and two bumps in the road to see what it was.  Her muffler was hanging at an odd angle.  I had an idea what it was at that point and it brought back memories of Dad on the Autobahn.  When we got home I got under her car and verified what happened the pipe to the muffler cracked and so now Jackie's car is out of commission until we can afford to replace the muffler and get an overhaul done on her car.

We were already planning on the overhaul at the beginning of the year because the car is 12 years old.  Now that the Muffler is "gone" she/he (all mechanicals are shes in my book but J calls hers a him) is parked until we can build up funds.  Pretty sure you all understand that.

So, have you all figured out who my Cousin Murphy is?

You know the saying "Murphy's Law"?
"If it can go wrong, it will go wrong!"

That Murphy is my Cousin!

He has been around Me and mine so often there is no Doubt he is a relative!

So, of course Murphy strikes again, and I get to become a chauffeur until we can get hers fixed.

Isn't Life FUN?


  1. Clever post! I think we may be related now. That Murphy has a very big family.

  2. Murphy is German?
    I thought he was Aussie. Just waiting for him to drop in while I get the house ready for open inspection. I'm sure it is on his list for today

  3. LOL, great post, very clever ---- disown him. Follow the Mr Midnite way and assume everything will be alright and it will. This seems to work for Mr Midnite, I am clearly not assuming well enough.


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