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Monday, October 18, 2010

Father, Hubby, or Chauffeur???

Well, today Anything at Anytime is going to go into which roll is more important in my life.  A Thanks for this post also to Jamie over at Daydream Believer and I also won a gift card from her.  She has some fantastic post and just got married a couple of months ago.  If you haven't run across her site you need to stop by and take a quick look.

Now for today's post.

This could be very short or very long depending upon the fact I have NO Idea if this will become a full on rant or just a quick few comments about how things look to be shaping up.

After the situation caused by Cousin Murphy my life appears to have taken on a few different aspects.

First - there is the Father.  You know, Dad.  The man that is there to encourage his kids, make their lives joyful when needed and Miserable when least expected.  The Guy that is the "Dr." when they are Sick and cleans up when the "Sick" comes out (Because J just can't stand it or she will be doing it also) (YUCK!!!!).
The Guy that tries to set an example for my daughters so that they hopefully find a guy (Spouse for the more open minded) like me or BETTER.  (I wish and Hope for BETTER!)  The Guy that ask them what they want and why, and if the answers are good enough will let them try and (in most cases) Fail, but always encourage them to Try again.

Next - is the Hubby.  The Man that is to be there for my wife and give her my full support and help.  Give her a shoulder to lean on when she is tired and needs that support.  When she just needs to talk be there and listen.  Help clean up so that she doesn't feel that She is a maid to everyone's whims and desires.  To give her solace when she needs and Provide her with open arms to Welcome her home like a port to ship returning home.  Hopefully the man that makes her smile when she least desires to but truly needs to.  The Man to be proper "Pain in the A$$" when she needs someone to point out what she might not see.
The Man to be her "Dirty Ole' Man" that makes her feel "Desired".  (If you don't understand that last -- Well, you're to young -- Go ask your Mom and/or Dad.)

Last - is the Chauffeur.  Now this one has been thrust upon me by my Cousin Murphy and if I had my Dithers I would put an 8 1/2 BOOT right up his BUM! (I know 8 1/2 isn't all that big but try putting a BOOT that size where "The Sun Don't SHINE" - 8 1/2 sized BOOT is Hopefully going to FEEL like a MOUNTAIN!)
Well, the Chauffeur bit started in truth Yesterday.
Honey, I need to go here.
Dad, I need to go here.
Dad can I go here.
Honey, Don't forget I have to do this today.
Dear, could you take me over here so I can see what they have on sale today?
Dad do you think we could stop at mall for a bit?
Oh, Honey don't forget you have to take us to school and pick us up in the afternoon/early evening.
And this is just the Second day doing this.
Holy Cow!

I really need to Teach my Wife to drive Standard!

Hope you all Have a Good and Safe Week!


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