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Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Back and Sorry for the Delay! or A New found Respect for Working Moms!

Is this you at Work?
This is how I see the Housework right now! 
Anything at Anytime is back.

I have been out of it for a bit as I got sick the following day after my last post and just now getting back into it all.  The bad part about it is not that I got sick but that it happened in this week.

With me not feeling good, Jackie and the girls on the go all week with Volleyball, PTA, School Carnival, etc.... everything backed up so yesterday I started to catch up and have been killing myself today trying to get as much caught up as Possible so that the weekend is not spent as clean up weekend ALL WEEKEND.

Catching up on the Dishes - Good thing there is that with all the travel the girls have been doing this week and as late as they have all been getting home most of it was coffee cups and glasses, as they ate out most nights.

Cleaning the Living Room and Bathroom - as (again) getting home late they have just been dropping what they didn't need and doing what they Needed - man I feel like I have been running a marathon.

Laundry (AGAIN!) - trying to get as much of it done today so that I/We don't have to worry about it Saturday or Sunday - Running around the entire house grabbing clothes and sheets and covers and ...........  Well, You get the idea.  Three loads done and on the line with a fourth waiting for me to finish typing this and then put it out on the line.

Sweeping the kitchen, living room, bathroom -  Dog hair, rabbit hair give new meaning to Dust Balls or Fur Balls - bad thing there is they (the D/F balls) drift away in the slightest breeze and your chasing them all over the floor.

Those are just the short bit of it all.  You all know that there is more involved with it all.

Now,  All of that and I don't "Work" any more.

I can now truly sympathize with Working Moms that feel totally overwhelmed when they are working and doing this on a daily basis not to mention how far behind they feel when THEY get sick.

My Deepest Respect to all of You Ladies!

As for my Previous Post - Jackie agreed so tomorrow will have something posted for you all to start considering.


  1. I know exactly how you feel and it seems that every job leads to another. Now my house is on the market, we have to maintain a higher level of clean, something my boys are still to come to terms on. Hope you are feeling a bit brighter.

  2. Hi Dan, Glad you're feeling better. Now that I am retired I find that I don't get my chores done any more frequently than when I worked. I guess I just really dislike housework and will do anything to put it off.

  3. Glad you're feeling better. Maybe you should follow Quentin Crisp's advice: "There is no need to clean the house at all. After the first four years, it doesn't get any worse."

  4. Ahh Dan it's a never ending challenge housework. I supposedly live on my own so you'd think I would be able to keep my flat tidy. No chance, the furry ones drop hair and I get the fur tumbleweeds plus crumbs from their biscuits. I go to work leaving every thing nice and get back to find a dog tornado has gone through. Add me and Mr Midnite and it's never ending.


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