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Thursday, October 28, 2010

How Did They Pass the Driving Test?

A couple of quick things before hitting today's post topic here at Anything at Anytime:

So far have only had two Votes/suggestions on the Costume for Sunday/Halloween.  If we don't get more that leaves the choice up to my Wife and Daughters.  So if you want your choice to be the one -  drive people over here to Anything at Anytime to Vote!

Next, it is getting to be that time of year so please if it is getting colder in your area take care of yourself and family and make sure they bundle up and get all shots prior to the flu season hitting you and yours.

Today's post will be relatively short unless this Rant really Rolls.  I will try and get it to be Brief!

How Did They Pass the Driving Test?

Today, I had to go pick up J early at school to take her to the clinic because she has not been feeling very good. The early Bug has jumped on her and she is just RUN Down and just plain UGHHHHHH.  The same time I had to pick up the girls early because today is PTC (Parent Teacher Conferences) at their school and so I had a car load of family.

Anyway, as I was returning J and the Girls to J's school (after dropping off the prescriptions for her), I am driving along and this Driving Idiot in the right hand lane (I was in the middle lane) decides he wants to be in my lane.

No Blinker, No hand signal, just starts moving over into my lane.  Under normal circumstances that wouldn't be THAT BAD (bad enough) but I, my front end, was at about the back third of his Pick-up.  So I slam on my Brakes and Lay on the HORN.  Son of a Bitch stays half way across both lanes and is pointing and Laughing at me in his side mirror.

First thing, Had I not had J and the Girls in the Car, I would have stayed where I was and let the SOB hit me!!!!  Then let him explain it to the Cops when they got there.  As I had precious cargo in the Car I couldn't let that Happen.  Then as I move into the Right hand lane to get past him and get the Girls back to school, he swerves like he is going to ram me in the other lane, laughing the whole time.
For those of you that "KNOW" me, that is about the time I wanted to pull over and Kick the Snot out of the little SHIT!  Again with J and the Girls in the Car, No CAN DO!!!!!  ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH

I think most if not all of you can imagine some of the things coming out of my mouth at the time and not all of it was RABID FOAM.

Next,  I couldn't call the Police then as it is now illegal to use a cell phone in El Paso that is not hands free.  So when I got home I called the Police Dept. to report Wreckless Driving, and Failure to signal as I have the SHITS plate and make and model of his Truck.

I got told they could do nothing about it as it was my word against his.

Now, if that had been me doing that, there would have been a Cop right there that saw it and would have pulled me over and written me a citation if not Hauled my Ass in for the show of the swerve.

Since the Cops won't/can't do ANYTHING as it is my Word against his.......... I can do this in the hopes that when he goes to renew his Insurance and they run a search for his license plate on the Internet they find this and Read why his plate and make are Posted on a Blog.

Maybe, Just Maybe it might make them Think about insuring a kid that is willing to drive and act like that on Our Roads.

So, if you are Ever in West Texas, New Mexico or General area and see a WHITE CHEVY SILVERADO with TEXAS PLATES -  ATO 2421 ------
Be Careful the DRIVER IS WRECKLESS and an ENDANGERMENT to others on the ROAD.

Now, How did a kid like this pass the Drivers Test - Written or Driving?

Sorry for the Rant today but to have the Police say they could do NOTHING as it is my Word against his!

Well, I can do something.  It may not do much but maybe someone somewhere will see this and it might just take money out of his Pocket for higher insurance rates?

I Can only Hope.

Aside from the Rant I hope all of you have had a GOOD Week and Please VOTE for the Halloween Costume in the Previous Post.


  1. Oh, Danny Boy......you are awesome.

    I would have done the same thing. Never EVER do it with the precious cargo, but publishing his license plate info?

    Freaking WIN!!!

  2. Yay Dan. Karma will get him. Don't worry. One day he will pull that trick and it will be a cop in the car he does it to.

  3. Feel better? Now take a deep breath and let it go!

    I'm in Texas this week to go trick or treating with my granddaughters. I was walking the five year old to kindergarten this morning and pushing the three year old in a stroller. We're in the crosswalk and there's a car stopped at the stop sign across the street. I'm five steps into the crosswalk when the douchbag drives right in front of the stroller! Apparently Texas is filled with both assholes and republicans!

    Thanks, now I don't have to rant on my blog!


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