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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Halloween Costume?

Anything at Anytime asked you all for suggestions for my Halloween Costume a few posts back.

There were a few suggestions that I can't do at this time.  They are:

1.  George and Martha Washington - Good idea but don't have any appropriate clothing to get them right or even recognizable.

2.  a Ghost - Again good idea but don't want to do something that has or could be Overdone.

3.  a Politician -  This could be done easily.  I just don't want to Scare anybody so bad that they have a heart attack or something.  I don't have insurance that would cover that.

The Suggestions that I would like you all to vote on and have your friends/visitors come over and vote on, are:

1.  Gothic Albert Einstein

2.  a Zombie Car Salesman

3.  a Mrs. Doubtfire creation (if you don't know, it is a funny movie, go rent it and get a laugh)

4.  A Crossdressing Dime Store Detective.

5.  Other -  Write in suggestions that can be done with stuff from home (if there are comments check and see if others have made suggestions you might want to vote for or put in your own)

There should be at least 15 Votes to provide a clear choice.  If not then Jackie, the girls and I will choose one of the 4 above suggestions on Friday Night.

As for yesterdays Post -  There were a couple good suggestions that I am taking into consideration for improvements.  Making it Thirteen days of Halloween, and making the first day - a grave in a church yard.

Have fun and hope you have had or will have had a good weekend.


  1. like the change to the song and you know where my vote is. May I suggest red lace under te trench coat?

  2. Hi my Danny Boy!!

    I have missed you and your blog.

    I want to apologize for being away for so long. I am trying desparely trying to get caught up, but it is slow going.

    I promise to do better.


  3. Oh, you HAVE to go as the Zombie.

    Zombies freaking rock, dude.

  4. A Crossdressing Dime Store Detective
    just cuz i want to see the photos ;-)


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