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Saturday, October 9, 2010

You've Got to be Kidding! From Two Angles

Anything at Anytime puts it all out there again.

Well, I got all the stuff done I could yesterday and was able to make the house satisfactory so that Jackie didn't feel like she had to kill herself this weekend.


So, how do I get thanked?


Jackie and Snuggles (if you don't know she is the dog) decided to keep me entertained last night - ALL NIGHT - with a unique rendition of Beethoven's 5th symphony in the Key of S.

Clip Art Guide
Oh, sorry!

I take it you don't know what the "Key of S" is?


ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been lucky it is about 1:45 in the afternoon here and I have had about 3 hours of sleep since 8:30 AM yesterday morning, and that was interrupted.

No matter how tired I am I can not sleep now and is just bugging the Living Hell out of me.
Clip Art Guide

That is One Angle.

The Other Angle is what I was talking about in the post before last.

Well, with Halloween approaching and again not much mullah, We (Jackie and I) are wondering how to dress me up for that night.  She has never gotten into it but I have always tried to do something.  So what we were thinking was to do a before and after type thing.

A side by side photo of me as me and the other as what YOU all suggest (most popular suggestion of all comments as long as something we can do with what we have in the House).

A few things we have come up with:

  1. A Banged up Biker
  2. A Cooked Cook
  3. Every persons worst nightmare - A Zombie USED Car Salesman
  4. A Woman - From Prim and Proper to Gypsy to ????
  5. Any Other suggestions you might have that we could do with things here at Home

Let's all have fun with this.

Pass it on and see how many Legitimate Suggestions we get.

And how many Out There Suggestions!


  1. Leroy here. I posted this in the Coffee Shop already. May I suggest gothic Albert Einstein. (With frizzy black hair and black lipstick). To differentiate your costume from Robert Smith of The Cure, I suggest sweatpants or rumpled suit. Didn't Albert smoke a pipe? And maybe something like a shirt with "E = MC^2 = 0", for that nihilistic scientist look.

  2. Hi there, just stopping by to let you know you have been awarded. Check out my blog :)


  3. great idea, we dont really do halloween here in Aus but probably the scariest thing I can think of is a politician at election time. But I love the zombie car salesman idea too.

  4. Hi Dan
    Thanks for your comments. I hate interrupted sleep. I was awake at 2am and eventually gave up and had a middle of the night bath before going back to bed. Insomnia sucks.

    Costume - I really want to see you as a woman, a Mrs Doubtfire type transformation. I love Leroy's idea though, even a normal Albert Einstein would be fun.

  5. How about a ghost? That's always cheap and appropriate. Blanket, two holes, and you're in.

  6. Shame about the sleep. M. DeFarge snores all the time and it makes sleep impossible.

    On the costume front, what about George and Martha Washington?


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