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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Big Secret

Anything at Anytime - Yeap, I think I have done a good job at that so far.

You ready for it again?

By now all of you that read Anything at Anytime regularly already know I have Later Stage Emphysema and have been on Oxygen 24/7 (most of the time) for about a year and a half now.

Several of you have commented about my Upbeat approach to things and told me here, in comments, or in the Coffee Shop about it.
Glad you all see it because sometimes it is a Real "Royal Pain in the A*$!"
Some days more than others are a B#tc& to breath and it is difficult to keep it up, the attitude, but I do.
I have to, no choice in the matter.  No choice because there basically is only two choices - Keep going or Quit.  I have Quit a few times in my life and I can tell you I don't like the taste.  It is "Sour and leaves a bad aftertaste" is an understatement.  So I truly only have one choice.

At this point you are probably asking yourself, "Where is he going today?  Has he finally gone off the High Dive in the Shallow End of the Pool?"

No, I haven't.

Something I learned a while back, a good bit back, keeps me going.  It should keep all of us going but not many have seen or been in a position to learn the secret.  Yes, it is a secret, but it shouldn't be.  We all know it but nobody pays attention to it.  Actually it is a combination of two things.  Well, for me it is a combination of two things.  Maybe that is why I look at things the way I do sometimes now.

You see, Death and I have a unique relationship.  He has knocked at my door a few times and each time I have said "SCREW OFF!" (I just used another word to start that statement, but basically the same thing only 4 letters not 5.)  There in is where and what my secret does for me.

Still confused?

Yeah, I know - I'm a "Shit" keeping you wondering what my point is.  Just keeping you on your toes.

See, Today I am Celebrating.


Yes, Celebrating!

Today I put another year on my Gravestone.
I know, I can feel the looks on your Faces.

Today is my Birthday.  Another year older - hence, "another year on my Gravestone."

No, I am not being morbid.  This also is part of the secret.

Come here....... Come on....... Closer.......Closer......
Eventually we all die.  Really!?!  One of the few things that Everyone Shares.  We all Die someday.
No, not on the same day but on any day.  You or I or someone we know could die later today or tomorrow or next week or next month etc.... Get the idea?
Here is the first part of the secret -
If I can die at anytime, Why Worry?  Enjoy EVERYTHING!  Even the BAD!  Enjoy B#tc&ing about it and complaining about the bad.  Enjoy the GOOD!  Absorb the GOOD.  Soak it in to your Core and the BAD won't be quite that bad.
Faith helps (doesn't matter what Faith).  Faith gives you something to grip onto and see what has been placed before you.

*grabbing your collar and pulling you back*

That is not all!
The second part of the secret-
This one is easy, I have said it before.  I Don't have time for BULLSHIT!  Keep it to yourself, don't waste MY TIME with BULLSHIT!

So, here is my secret in an easier form:  I do not accept Bullshit or have time for it because I want to ENJOY Every Moment I have left to me.  I could Die tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or anytime between now and the next 30 years; and I want to Experience EVERYTHING I can and ENJOY it ALL!

When you are put in a position that You Must look at your mortality it makes you think of things in a totally different light.

*back to normal now*

I don't like how Death dealt me the cards (my Love for Poker had to come in here somewhere) this time around; however, I am grateful that My eyes have been opened and I can View things from a different perspective and Enjoy most Everything now.

Now, I get to tell you -- Open your eyes and look at things from the stand point of "Tomorrow could be your last day" MAKE the best of what you have got.  Just Don't let BULLSHIT get in your way.  You don't have time for it.

Therefore - I Celebrate another year on my Gravestone and Letting Death know I still get to Enjoy Life another day.
My Eyes are open and I SEE.
Happy Birthday to Me!


  1. Hi Dan (and Readers); thought I would get on line to alert your readers to the fact that DJ is a year older today; but alas, he beat me to the punch, but you may find interesting as to how he became the rabid Cornhusker fan he is today. I was paying a visit to an Asian country (Vietnam)back in 1968; his mom was temporarily living in Nebraska; so his becoming a Nebraskan had nothing to do with choice, especially since he comes from a hard core Sooner family. And it must be fate that our two teams face off this weekend for the Big 12 championship; by the way son, that is your birthday gift. I just wanted to get on line to tell you Happy Birthday and to have a pleasant and rewarding day.

  2. I am at my prep and wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. You are right about the BS. I pray that you will be around for a very long time. We still have a lot to learn from you. We (The girls and I)Love you very much!!!!

  3. Happy happy birthday darling Danny. I agree with everything you say.
    I am so glad I have met you here in Blog World and we are friends.
    Great big hugs and smooches from downunda.

  4. Happy birthday and may there be many, many more. Your attitude puts many of us to shame. You are a hero!

  5. 2nd time I've wished you HAPPY BIRTHDAY son! Love you so much and terribly proud of the person you are today! Have to add my 2 bits about what your dad said. I beg to differ with him about you coming from a "hard core Sooner family" ... He is only 1/2 correct! As you recall, half of your family (those passed & those living) were/are hard core Husker fans. Guess your dad forgot my half of your heritage! LOL HAPPY BIRTHDAY son and here's to many, many more years! Love you always ... Mom

  6. Danny, pop over to my blog, little something there for you. Hugs


  7. Happy birthday Dan! Keep up the good work and keep striving for better things. You're a champ.

    You'll Never Walk Alone

  8. Hi Dan...Happy Birthday! I lost my husband 5 years ago but he lived much the same way you are. He was grateful what he had already lived. He was given a terminal diagnosis of 2-3 years. We were so very lucky to have that time. He used it to console us while he was still there. He got to say the things he always wanted and he wasn't afraid to die. He was the move courageous and bravest guy I had ever met and was glad to have had 23 years with him. I love that you have that same outlook. Enjoy each and every day and enjoy your loved ones! I wish you many more years.

  9. Dan-
    found you thru minx..

    loved the post! attitiude is everything...

    oh and happy birthday!!!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear

  10. There are moments - rare (but they happen)- when even I am at a mute moment.

    All I can say is "Thank You All" for your Comments and a visit Mynx's site Dribble which has a link to it in her comment. She gave me a Birthday Dragon holding Balloons on her Blog today. I just will have to add him to the Dragon collection sometime in the next day or two.

  11. I hope you had lots of birthday cake with.... HEAPS AND HEAPS of Cool Whip. LMAO

    Happy Birthday, you!

  12. A very merry birthday TO YOU, TO YOU.....
    A very merry birthday TO YOU, TO YOU.....
    Now blow your candles out my dear and make your wish come true.
    A very merry birthday, a very merry birthday, a very merry birthday TO YOU!!!

    You sang for me on my birthday and now this is me "paying you back". Haha.

    Happy Happy Birthday Danny Boy. I hope you have lots and lots more.....I have faith in that.



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