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Friday, December 24, 2010

Double Whammy

Sorry the Elf that Took this one
always gets teary eyed
so it is out of focus

Making final Preps
before the Journey

Anything at Anytime is going to hit you with a Double Whammy of the "12 Blogs by Christmas" today.  

Next year I will start it a Day earlier so that #1 and #2 have their own Days.

It is sort of fitting today that They share a Day because both of them are Fantastic Blogs and This way I don't have to choose which is 1 and which is 2.

Before I get to them, I would ask that you listen to what is on the Play list today (at least the first one).
Being a Veteran, Born into a Family that has been a part of the Military for a very Long time, Family and Friends that are Serving Now and Living in a city surrounded with Army and Air Force facilities, the first one just felt "fitting" on this day before Christmas.

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#1 and #2
(you pick)

by the Quiet Riot


by Mynx

Both of these sites have their own Unique "Charm"!

The Quiet Riot has created a combination of Visual Art (Pictures made by her) and Ever Awesome Poetry and Prose (of her own).  Something about the Simple presentation of both together just really is Nice.
When I see a New Post up on Dancing on the Other Side of the Rainbow I have to go there and SEE and READ what has been written.  Well WORTH Your Time!

Mynx has another of those sites that when I see something New, I have to go Running.  Dribble.... talks about everyday life - at work, play, with Family and Friends from a DownUnda perspective.  She is Lucky as she gets Christmas in Summer and Just Celebrated a Birthday Yesterday.
So a Birthday Shout out to Her for the Holiday would be nice.

Stop by and Visit both of these wonderful sites and look around.  Peek, Poke and Scurry through all the nooks and crannies and then Comment and let them know you were there.

#3   Red means Go
#4   Caffeine-A-Holic
#5   Plentiful Sufficiency and Benchmark 60
#6   The Blogger's Cafe
#7   Real Bloggers United
#8   Daydream Believer
#9   Tribal Writer
#10 10 Minutes 2 Breathe
#11 Fizzee Food
#12 Canadian Blogger Girl

I hope you have all Enjoyed the "12 Blogs by Christmas" and have stopped in and viewed them and commented on their blogs - maybe even "Followed" them if you thought they were interesting to you.

I hope you all have a Safe Evening and Wish YOU ALL find what your Looking for Under your Tree tomorrow Morning.

Tonight I will Raise a Toast of Eggnog to you all - and Yes, it will be a BIG GIANT Glass with a sprinkle of Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

Tomorrow, Anything at Anytime will not have a Post up as Tomorrow will be dedicated to the Friends and Family here, but I will have Something Up on Sunday.

Wishing ALL of You,



  1. I'm here at my parent's place. My dad is making goat for Christmas dinner. Lol

    Thanks for the blog lovin' *muah* Wishing you the best Danny Boy.

  2. Merry Christmas! Love to all four of you & the mutt! oooooxxxxx vlww

  3. Happy Christmas Danny to you and your gogeous family. I can't tell you how honoured I was to see that you put "Dribble" right at the top of your "12 Blogs of Christmas list". Thankyou so much for the hug serve of bloggly love.

    Enjoy an extra serve of eggnog and I will think of you as I sip my bubbles. Have a wonderful family day. Hugs & Kisses xxx


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