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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Semi-Boxing Day, Videos and Kindles, Huhhhhhh?

Anything at Anytime hope all of you had a Merry Christmas or a Great Whatever you celebrate at this time of year.

I didn't make any posts yesterday; however, I did do some fiddling around.
I played around a bit on here with a few things and cleaned up and improved a touch.
I guess you could say I did a bit of the traditional English Boxing Day thing Christmas afternoon and evening.

If you will notice - in the page bar above there are a couple of changes - I combined the "Blogs I Like" and "Blog Directories" tabs to create "Blogs I Like and Directories", also made some Clickable thumb pictures of the Blogs I Like.  It took a little playing with the the Windows "Paint" program but got it and think it came out pretty good for all.

Also above in the page bar you will notice a "Videos" Page.

Now, If you go into the New Video Page I have up my first effort and I hope it is not that lame.  Improvements will come.  I promise.

I got the program called "Video Spin" as a free download and after a couple of hours of total screw ups on my behalf, as I have never worked with programs like this, I finally got it and it worked out pretty good for a first "Production".  :)

If you are interested and want to get the program for yourself to try click the link above and then click the blue tab on the middle right of the page.  Quick download doesn't take long and you will be up and running with it in a few minutes.

After that I started doing some basic surfing and got to Youtube and decide to register there and put my first attempt up there.  If you would like to follow there (made it easy for all to find) the link is - Anything at Anytime Videos.

Enough of what mucking around I did Yesterday.

Christmas was good and Our girls are the first in the family to get Kindles.

Those things are AWESOME and Amazon has availability to download THOUSANDS (yes, THOUSANDS) of FREE Downloadable books.

I got online and registered both units in a matter of maybe 5 minutes.  Found them several books:  "Dracula", "Alice in Wonderland", "The Odyssey", the "Illiad", "Gilligan's Travels", Edgar Allan Poe's Complete Poetical Works, and "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes".  ALL FREE!

That was just the tip of the Iceberg of what is available.

While I was registering the Kindles for the girls they were charging them up.  It did not take long to charge them up.  Once they were charged I collected them and drove down to McDonalds that has free Wi-Fi connected them both to the server and was back home about 10 minutes later.  Not even enough time to finish my coffee.

So, My daughters are the first to go, what I refer to them as, GREEN BOOKs.  No trees harmed in the making of good, what am I saying, Great Literature.

J and I are trying to figure it into our budget come Feb. or March to get us each one.  Then slowly replace our Library in the Kindles.

Oh, you don't know how much storage space they have, silly of me not to mention it.  You can store up to 1500 books in a Kindle.  That means a Ton of extra space around a house full of books.

Sorry for my Ravings.  We have known they were getting these for a little while.  Every since I registered Anything at Anytime for Kindle publishing I have wanted one and as DAD, I get to play around with theirs and see what it is about.

At this Point I would have to say it has an "A" for a score.
The ease of registration, finding and "Ordering" books/downloads, Quickness of charge, and how fast it downloads orders when connected to the Wi-Fi;  All get "A"s.

As time goes on, I will tell you more but so far AWESOME!

Any AWESOME gifts under your tree this year?



  1. Awesome - thanks for sharing...love the photos! ;o) vlww

  2. Looks like you have been having some fun Danny.
    The Dragon Video is great and I even checked out the blog page. Havent got a kindle but I am looking forward to getting an iPad soon.

  3. Great Updates! My Daughter has the ipad and I still can't figure it out. I'm old!

  4. I bet they love their Kindles! My parents just bought my brothers wife an e-reader and she has been wanting one for a while. Hope they enjoy them!


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