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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ingredients & Meds

Anything at Anytime has missed a couple of days and I am sorry about that.  Hopefully you will understand why after this post.

A few days ago I told you all I might get off of schedule a tad bit and that I might come up with some really out there things if the situation was right.

Well that didn't happen (at least not yet).  No, something totally unexpected happened.

I am on of those people that when I get a prescription I read the print out the pharmacy gives you.  You know the one that says:  This medicine is for blah blah blah.  Really, I read the whole damn thing.  That way I know what to look for if one of the kids or my wife have taken to much.

One of my meds just so happened to be one my wife has taken before and on the way home she made the comment "Oh, you can't drink any of your grapefruit juice with that it has some sort of reaction."  When we got home I read the prescription description (haha, made a funny with out trying.  Prescription description... Well, anyway back to the story).  I turns out that grapefruit somehow INCREASES the medicine in your blood stream.

So, Bummer none of my Ruby Red Grapefruit juice for me.

Still have my Sunny D.

Now this happened two days ago, just so you all understand.

I got up and helped the wife and girls get ready to go to school.  No, they haven't started yet but my wife is part of the PTA for the school the girls go to and they (the PTA) are trying to get memberships and donations during registrations.  I see them off and decide that I am going to go get me a Big Cold Glass of Sunny D.

Yup, Sunny D sounds good about that time.  Pour the Glass and then up and down the glass that fast.  Damn, I forgot to take my meds so I pour myself another glass of Sunny D and go get my meds and take them all and finish off my 2nd Glass of my precious Sunny D.

As I went back to the kitchen to put my glass in the sink, I noticed that I had forgotten to put the Sunny D back in the refrigerator.  So I grab it with the ingredients label facing me.  You know I have like Sunny D so much I never bothered to read the ingredients before.  I Read the entire first line and you know how your vision sort of allows you to see more than just the line you are reading?  I Stood there shocked and "OH, MY GOD!!!!!"  Right there at the end of the Second line "GRAPEFRUIT JUICES".

It didn't kill me or I wouldn't be here typing this today, but then again, None of you have ever seen my face or spoken to me in person.  So who knows?

All I can say is:  When on strong meds that tell you to avoid certain foods, Avoid them!  Read all ingredient labels and make sure your not getting it from a source you weren't thinking of.

Luckily for me it just made me so Damn Tired, I can hardly remember the last two days.


  1. I had missed you and was wondering how things were going. Really good advice though. I never seem to read the labels until I have already done what it tells me not to do.

  2. Good reminder...I've never read those package inserts that come with new medications. Wonder what I missed? I hope none of mine interact with chocolate!

  3. It's good to know that you're ok. Please, please be more careful. It's good to see your face around here, and I don't even want to think about you being gone. (((((HUGS)))))

  4. Do take care of yourself and no hard drinking either! You need to hang around for a bit longer. Life's just getting interesting. Take care. Hugs.


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