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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Emphysema, Cigarettes OR Me?

Anything at Anytime goes in a totally out there mode.

I am going to beat Emphysema and Nicotine!

As you read this I am at least 12 hours into a triple Anti-Depressant regime my Dr. and I came up with to help me stop the thing that has slowly been Killing me for 20+ years.  It (they) will Kill me sooner rather than later if I don't Stop.  So We are trying something a tad different than the usual take this drug and see what it does and we will go from there.

You wonder or ask where I am going with this, I don't know either.  All I will ask is to just keep an eye out for what I write because if I can come up with some of the things I have with no influence...... Just Imagine what might come out with being "Doped" up.

I will do my best to try and provide good stuff for you all to read.

No matter what happens in life everyone is faced with a do or do not decision to make somewhere along the line at least once.  I have had a few.  This one wasn't even a contest.

Take the drugs and see if it helps or continue on my path of self destruction.  I will put even money that Most people will make the same choice I am.

I started my first few pills about 1 1/2 ago (as I am typing) and already I can see it is making my mind muddle a little and this all seems to make a repetitive statement over and over.

I will do whatever I have too, whenever I have too.

So wish me luck and Now might be a good time to throw ideas out for me to think about and see what this drug induced haze might bring out.  Some of it could be a blast and really get interesting.  Get the ideas out here and let us all see How Crazy I can get.

Thanks for your Patience and Understanding.

DanWins2007 (and I WILL Win)


  1. You need to change your name to DanWin2010 because this is the year you are going to kick it, Danny Boy!

    I have complete faith in you. Faith that you will conquer your addiction, beat your disease and keep us entertained at the same time. And they say women are the only good multi-taskers! HA! You show us, dude!!

  2. Good luck man, drug induced hazes are always fun

  3. Good luck, not you need luck with such a positive attitude. You can beat this because you have so much more living to do.
    I look forward to reading your stories as you begin this new challenge.

  4. You can do it - Yes you can!

    lol okay sorry my kids were watching Bob the Builder.

    I appreciate your honesty and forth coming of everything! :) Your a very strong person and you've got a great family behind you supporting you! ;) Not to mention all your wonderful followers pushing you along. :)

    Rant about your bad days and praise the good! :)

    Wow just realized i'm a little smiley face happy today :)

  5. Hi Dan. I know how hard it is since I am still trying to beat the nicodemon! Hang in there, be strong & positive and know that you can and WILL do this. Check out www.whyquit.com and also a pretty good message board that is very supportive with people quitting is http://www.quitsmokingmessageboard.com - great people and valuable tips and quitting information.

    Also, check out quitmeter.com, it's a neat little tool that can serve as incentive (as you see the no smoking clock ticking away) to keep the quit.

    Good luck friend :)

  6. You started your pills 1 and a 1/2 ago? 1 and a 1/2 days or weeks? I missed that part. Also :) You're going to do it. YOU WILL!

  7. Go for it Dan, have faith and it will work.

    I take anti depressants everyday and I usually manage to string a sentence together so I'm sure you will too. The can take some getting used to though so you may feel a bit out of it for a while. My current tablets make my pupils dilate so my world can get very bright!

  8. I'll be looking forward to reading the stuff you will write under the influence LOL. Just stay positive, a winning attitude is half the battle.

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