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Friday, August 13, 2010

A couple of Rants. No, not Ants, RANTS!

Anything at Anytime goes on a Rant Day!

One of those What the? Days!

Today I went to go get my car inspected.

So the first stop was to get new Wiper Blades.  What the Hell is up with that crap.  You used to be able to buy two blades in on package for about 5 or 6 dollars AND IT WAS A "PAIR" OF THEM.  But NO Sir 9-18 dollars for One...... ONE.......... ONE DAMN BLADE.  I bought the Two $9 ones as I am on a tight budget but really something that can easily be made with minimal cost with recycled metals and tires.
Get REAL!                  


The one directly above said this would work because it covered the general same amount of Windshield.

The on one the right here was priceless.  If you notice it has 3 recommended blades for the car.  The sales rep informed me that I was mistaken and that "According to all their info there is a Third wiper blade needed."  At that point I asked for the manager and he came up and gave the same spiel as the sales rep.  I then asked them to follow me to the car and took them to the back of the car and showed them this is a spectra right? then showed them the sales slip for the car saying it was an 05 right?  They both agreed.  I said now look over this car and tell me where a Third wiper blade is going to go?  UP MY A$*!?!?  They gave me the second set down for the 24" and the 16" for $18.00 plus tax.
Can you imagine the person they got to buy the third one?
"OH, I guess I can make this a snow scrapper for winter..........."

Next I went to The Pit Stop I have gone to for the last 14 years as their owner was one of my first customers I made a Sale too.  We still laugh at that as the first order he made lasted him almost a Year.  If you are ever in El Paso and need a quick oil change.  These are the guys.  They are up on Viscount Blvd behind Wendy's.

Now this Rant is not at them but at the State of Texas and the extra charge we have to pay for the Emissions test, here in El Paso County.  See several counties in the state have to go with this Emissions test because of their populace: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio,  in all there are about 16 counties that pay extra for the emissions test and inspection sticker.  Here in El Paso County our population is not near as large as any of the other counties so fewer American cars.  Here is the catch.  We are within spitting distance of Juarez Mexico and Mexico just so happens to have NO Emission Controls over there.  So we here in El Paso County have to suck up an extra cost that other counties our size don't have too.

Today just was a yuck day because I had to be out in this heat waiting on getting the car all done and it was a royal pain in the &%$^%#$^&*(imagine a bleep or Honk and I think you get the idea.)

You all have a good day now.

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