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Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer is Over! School Bells Ring

Anything at Anytime is suffering from no kids in the house today.

The house is silent.

Just me, Snuggles, and Thumper here in the house.  

Today Jackie (she started last week) and the girls all started school today.  Soooooo......... the house is Silent except for the rustle of paper from Thumper's cage when he moves or the pitter patter of Snuggles as she walks across the floor.

Man, this silence could drive a person Nuts!  Guess I am glad I'm already there, nobody has to drive.  LOL

Seriously, the house is pretty quiet as Summer has officially ended and School has started again.
Got everything ironed and ready last night.  Made sure they all had everything ready and at the door so they wouldn't run around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off.  

So Today's post is short just in case I have to run at short notice if someone forgot something.  

I imagine many of you are doing that today or in the near future depending upon your local school districts.


  1. Sometimes the silence can be deafening; but a lot of times (for me), it is bliss.


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