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Friday, August 6, 2010

Insurance Rant and me

I have been finding it hard to focus on a topic.  Last night and this morning I have sat in front of this screen looking and wondering what I might right about but it stays blank.

Not fair to you that read me regularly and not fair to me.

It is not like I don't still have plenty running around in this head of mine, it is just that I can not focus on them.

I will get on this rant about insurances.  Not just our insurance but all insurances that I have had over the last 10-15 years.

Over the last 10 -15 years I have had several insurances due to changing jobs or the jobs changing our insurance carriers.  The Problem I have here is that I have tried to stop this before but each time I have gotten a Dr to give me a prescription for the newest and best drugs to "help" me Quit, Insurance will deny any claim for them to pay for the drugs as it is an "Elective Drug".

The Insurance Companies would sooner Pay for all the Cancer and Emphysema and other Lung Problems than pay out for Medication that would help all of us that Want to Quit and Lengthen our Lives.

What the Hell are they thinking?

What "Bean Counter" are they listening to that tells them it is cheaper not to pay for the drugs.  It will be cheaper paying for the Oxygen equipment, possible surgeries,  All the X-rays, MRIs, etc. etc.........

Government Insurance sure as Hell isn't the answer either. But that is for another day.

Getting all the Insurances to understand that they would save money by letting the People get the drugs the Doctors prescribe for them in order to help quit something or to ease them through something.  Rather than We can't do this or We can't do that because, Well Just Because.

Then you have to fight most of them to pay their share and get it all taken care of.  Jump this hoop then jump that one and the next one and then we might be able to do something for you.

Insurance rates go up and up and pay out less and less.  Our Government should not have added this mandatory Insurance but should have Put together an oversight like the FDA, FAA, or OSHA (those are just a few off of the top of my head.

With oversight from a government stand point you might see less BS making claims and getting access to drugs that could really do people a difference.

I have tried off and on over the last 15 years to Quit.  I was never able to afford the drugs to get started $400.00 out of pocket, at the time that was a car payment and part of our rent.  And we all know how those two would have reacted if I said "Oh, I needed my meds last month can you wait Please?"  Yeah, right.

If I had been able to get the meds back then - maybe it would have helped - maybe not.  It would have given me  a much better shot and not sitting here now wondering............

Don't think I hold the insurances Companies all at fault.  I Don't.  I am the one that did this to myself for so long.  I made the choice.  I can honestly say I have done plenty of other things that could have been as addictive or "troublesome" as cigarettes but those were easy to stop.  I have found the hardest Damn thing to quit has been cigarettes.

You know whats so bad about that -  I know they are what is killing me -  That is why I am on three heavy duty Anti-Deps. to keep me "mellowed out" for awhile.

Now again while I am in this state -- Come on folks feed me some ideas you would like me to "Focus" on?

P.S.  Put pressure on you insurance companies to start paying for this kind of stuff for smokers.  In the long run it could save you all money because the insurance companies will not be paying out as much as they do when it is to late.

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  1. we have a different system here in Australia but I do think it is terrible that there isnt more emphasis on preventative health care. Really it makes sense that helping someone get better earlier would save funds a fortune later.

    Random ideas: English vs American Comedy.
    What could you eat if you could have anything
    People that intrigue me.

    Keep thinking positive thoughts. Hugs xx


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