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Saturday, August 7, 2010

One Day - Two weeks apart

With the Cocktail of drugs that I am taking I am  sleepy all of the time right now and at times it is hard to keep a topic on my mind to write about it.

So on days like today where I can not focus I will leave you all with something to ponder and decide what you would do:

A few years ago (before I got sick) I used to travel a lot.  I had a flat in a "bums" part of town.  This one guy comes up and gives me a hand getting everything changed and got me back on the road.  I didn't have anything at the time to give him other than my thanks.
Two weeks later I was back in that same (was not looking for this guy) and saw him off on the side of the road.  So I pulled over and asked if he remembered helping me.  I had just gotten out cash for the next days travels but gave it to him.  He looked at it and asked what it was for - I told him it was simple. He helped me that night and I got home to my wife and kids and my bed and I wanted him to go get a bed for the Night.

Now this was not your "bum" that stands at a cross section and then catches a bus to their home.  This guy lived in the cardboard box right next to him with what little he had and a skimpy sleeping roll.

What would/will you do if in a similar situation?

1 comment:

  1. I have been chewing this over all day and would like to think I do similar, even perhaps seeking him out and maybe taking him for a feed or bringing him something he could use, blankets or perhaps a coat.
    I wish I could say I help at food kitchens and campagain for the homeless but I dont. I do try to support those that do though with donations to the salvation army and local charities who genuinely work and support those in need.


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