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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

El Paso City and County Screw Ups! or Where are their heads?

I have tried to avoid to much politics on Anything at Anytime; however, I can not help but put this out there about what our city and county leaders are doing here in El Paso.

El Paso is and has been for a long time one of the safer cities in the United States, even with a long running War between the Mexican Government and the Drug Cartels just across the Border from us.  The Police force and Border Patrol have done a GREAT Job keeping it from spreading over here.

Now, Our city has and is experiencing the economic monster budget crunches just as any other in the country.  Recently Our city Council, Mayor, and City Manager all thought up this fantastic idea that Our Police Force here in El Paso needs to donate 3 days a month WITHOUT pay.

WITHOUT PAY, can you believe that?

We have a City Council and a Mayor, a few years back they decided we needed a City Manager.  She is only getting paid a couple of Hundred thousands of dollars and has a staff to boot.  What need do we need for a City Manager when we Have a Mayor and City Council?  Is it not their JOB?  Isn't that the Reason they were all elected in the first place, to take care of our City?

Why turn their backs on the Police Force that has done a Fantastic job protecting this community?  Before turning our Police Force into a grumbling bunch, Why not let the City Manager and her Staff go and keep that money to help make up the difference?  Pretty sure that bit of budget going to her office has seen no cuts!
Get rid of the City Manager and her staff and ask the Police Force to limit overtime so that it does not overwhelm the budget.

That is a City Issue.

Now, El Paso County Issue.

Foster care here in El Paso County just took a big hit.  Our County Commissioners decided to cut the Child Welfare Board and the One employee that was on the County payroll.  The problem with that is that that Department was funding reimbursements to Foster Parents for buying Clothing for the Foster Kids.  When they Closed the Department they saved about $153,000.  By making that move they eliminated the funding to assist foster care providers.  I know what it is like trying to clothe my own children on a tight budget and I can only imagine what it is like for Foster Parents with more than 2 kids.

Out of that $153,000 was county funds of about $86,000 that was matched by the federal government at a rate of 67 cents to $1.00 which gives you a total of around $140,000+.  So Foster Parents here in El Paso County will not receive any clothing reimbursements.  Basically what the County Commissioners are saying is:  (My Opinion) That they don't give a Damn about Foster Children in the County!  

I think there are many different areas that El Paso County Commissioners could cut $100 here or $1000 there and save the Child Welfare Board.  One suggestion would be for the El Paso County Commissioners to take a small pay cut and shave a small amount off of other department budgets.  Another, Why treat Criminals better than kids (that can't fend for themselves) and the People willing to take care of them?   Sorry but Cut the budget to the County Jail.  What they need more New Basketballs and New Weight sets?  They are adults and got themselves there!  The Kids didn't do it to themselves!!!

Our City and County Representatives have really got their priorities WRONG!  It is Bad enough that we have to deal with a Federal Government that has Issues, Now We have to Deal with IDIOTS in our local government!

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