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Still Wondering What's Next? Anything at Anytime (I) has/have had a rough start to the year. Sorry for the delays in Posts and I Promise to do better. No Excuses as Life Must GO ON! So Keep an Eye Open... Oh, if you would like to follow on Twitter I am @DanWins2007.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random Bouncing in My Head

Again Anything at Anytime has turned and headed in a different direction and I am not sure where it is headed.

(I know the picture has nothing to do with today's post but it is a cool picture and sort of relaxing don't you think?)

I was looking around the site today to make sure everything was still working and in order today.
As usual everything is looking good and has no snags.  I would ask that you notice the I support item to the immediate right of this article.  If you could take a couple of minutes and click around on it and listen to what they have to say.  I am not getting paid for it but the sponsor buys school supplies for needy children and the more people check it out the more kids get helped.  It takes just a few minutes and they ask for no personal info.

Another thing I noticed Anything at Anytime has hit 1,000+ on the Flag counter down in the lower right hand corner for the USA.  First one I have hit that high.  I would like to see it grow faster but for it to get there is sort of Cool.  Also just below the Flag counter is just a general counter in a maroonish burgundy colored back ground that I put up just a few weeks ago and it is already over 600 so looks as if the numbers are going up slowly.  Thank you all for stopping by and seeing what is going on here.

As You all know I started this as a project to help my wife out for one of her continuing education courses so she could say she knew how to respond to blogs and surf through to other blogs.  Project done.  Right?


Anything at Anytime began to take on a life of its own and has become a means of self help and exploration.  I can write Literally about Anything at Anytime and let my mind drift to whatever topics I catch as they go back and forth, up and down, in my head.

I also have a means to put out how I am feeling about/with my Emphysema in the Journal.  I haven't been doing it daily but every few days off and on and just little updates on how I am doing.  If any of you are viewing my blog for that purpose only you really need to check out Mo's site which has a Direct link on the Journal Page Just above my Journal entries.  She has a good bit of information and has linked to many sites about the Topic of Emphysema and COPD.  If you have or someone you know has send them here and there.  There Really is not that much info out there and what little there is tends to be old or rehashed.  Emphysema and COPD are a medical condition that does not get the attention that other medical conditions get.  MO and I will be hopefully trying to change that.

My Life With Emphysema

I also have had the pleasure of running into many Unique individuals and bloggers/writers out here in the wide Internet world.  They have topics ranging from Movie reviews to Personal Poetry to Math and just about Anything you can imagine.  Some have an adult theme and some don't.  Some make you sad an others make you smile and laugh.

To you my readers I propose a challenge to you for Today:  Do Something Nice for Someone you DON'T Know!

Think you can do that?

1 comment:

  1. Oh Dan I'm not in the mood for doing something nice so that will be challenging!


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