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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Day with the Family

I decided yesterday to take the day off from writing on the blog so I could spend the day just being with and  chatting with my girls and wife about how their week had gone.  

Last week was their first week back to school (except the wife as she spent a week at school before without kids).  It appears all is well except my youngest has been bombed by her teachers with "TONS" of homework every night and plenty for this weekend.  The oldest has been lucky as the way they have set up the schedule for all of the classes it gives them more time in each class and they get most if not all of the work done in class.  My oldest also made the Volleyball team (YEAH!!!).  She likes Football (watching the Huskers with me) but not enough to want to play or I would have tried to help her get ready to play against the boys.  She realized Yesterday that my Huskers Women's Volleyball is consistently ranked in the Nations Top 25 so she started watching Volleyball the other day.  

One is talking about orchestra and the other is talking about band.  One with a violin and the other with a clarinet.  Anybody know where I can get some top quality Ear Plugs?

Jackie, well she is starting to fall in love with her new "little ones".  Of course, she is suffering withdrawal from her last class as she spent 2 years with them.  She misses having them all in the class room but I give it another week and she will be over it and totally involved with the new class.

After spending a bit of time with them I decided to start loading up some of the games I had on the computer before she crashed.  One that my wife and I both like to play is called "Zuma".  If you haven't played it - DON'T!!  It is as addictive as anything out there.  I got it loaded into the computer so she and I could start "competing" with one another again.  I Swear this computer cheats for her!

Anyway, I had a good time being with the wife and kids talking about how their week went and being the big "L" playing against my wife.  

Don't Forget in our hectic lives to take time out and spend it with your family even if it is just to sit and talk.
Life goes by to quickly the older we get.  

When we are kids things don't move fast enough.  When we get older and we start to slow down things speed up and begin to fly by.  Don't miss out because you shut your eyes to long.


  1. Oh so true. Sometimes we forget to spend quality time with those closest to us. Sundays are ALWAYS my family days :)

  2. Sometimes the most special times of my day are when my boys help me in the kitchen, or talk to me as we are driving somewhere. Yesterday I spent time with the youngest laughing over a jar of "warm fuzzies" he made in junior primary school. Little notes about what he likes about his mum, written on strips of paper and put in a jar.


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