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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Twenty (20) Things I LOVE!

Another part of Anything at Anytime's  What I lable that goes with I Like and I Believe.

Things I LOVE!

     1.  My Wife -  The One thing in Life that completes me.

     2. & 3.  My Daughters - So neither can say that they are my Favorite, because They BOTH ARE!!

     4.  Snuggles (family dog) - As she is always there and always "Listens" and NEVER talks back.

     5.  My Nebraska Cornhuskers - If you have been reading me for awhile you knew I was going to get them in here.

     6.  Dragons - I Loves Me some Dragons!

     7.  Heartfelt - The first, and only, expensive Dragon my wife has bought me.  He has a row of what appears to be hearts down his chest.  Cool because you know that was not the intended design but looks Great!

     8.  Watching the stars at night, but city lights make it difficult at times.

     9.  Challenging my Girls to Beat me at Anything.

    10.  Learning something New Every Day.

    11.  Smell of the Ocean Spray as it crashes to shore.

    12.  Actually Writing this Blog.

    13.  Finding that $1.00 or $2.00 I forgot I had.

    14.  A Good Book or Series of Books.

    15.  A Good Banana Split.

For the Adults - If you are under 18 close your eyes and pretend you read:

    16.  That "Crook" of the finger that says "You're Coming to BED NOW!" and what follows.

    17.  Trying to get my wife "FLUSTERED" at the most inappropriate TIMES!

    18.  Heels and Stockings on Legs that "Just Don't Quit!"

    19.  Those Quiet times when I am the Only One that can console her or Vice Versa.

    20.  GOOD LOVIN (When everything is JUST Right.)

Please feel free to leave comments about what You Love - Not a whole list unless you want - but tell me/us something You Love?


  1. Things I love?

    This post, Danny Boy!!

    I am still around, alive and kicking....just working non-stop. Taking a break to read some blogs!

  2. Great Post.
    I love a lot of those things too (well sons not daughters) I also love lying in my hammock with a book and my ipod on a warm day. And long walks long the beach with my hubby. And Tapas Lunch with good wine and good friends at a local winery. And chocolate.


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