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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Strangers & You

A picture of how my mind feels

To my Readers, frequent and infrequent alike, the more these meds get hold of my head the harder I find to focus on a topic and be able to put something coherent out here for you to read.

So what I will try and do is put something short out that will hopefully make you think and maybe sometimes take action.

SOOOoooooo  Today's bit:  Have you done something for a stranger today? 


                                              Did a stranger do something for you today?

And if its not to personal -- Let us all know here.



  1. A stranger came out today and gave me a WAY over inflated price to fix a spot in my roof. So what has a stranger done for me today? Tried to....well, this is a family blog so let's say he tried to make sweet, sweet love to my butt.

    Sheesh....should I have even said that?

    Yeah, Danny boy, you know me and you dig me, so I say what I say because I am who I am.


  2. Not today, although a stranger is coming to check out my house as we prepare to sell but yesterday I gave my shopping trolley to an elderly man with a walking stick rather than ignore him struggling to pull apart a stubborn one from the row.
    His smile made me smile.

  3. I haven't seen a stranger in ages. Living way out here, I rarely see people I know!

  4. I'm not sure I ever do anything for a stranger, but I did tell them what platform their train was on. Hardly a random act of kindness, but one has to start somewhere. Hope all well.

  5. Not precisely a "stranger" we've been "blog friends" for a minute, but he wrote a fabulous post for me while I was away :) My buddy Charles.


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