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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Captcha Humor II

Anything at Anytime hasn't done Captcha Humor in a bit so.......

These were taken as I go along and make comments and what I been given.

This one was one I got from FaceBook when I was posting one of my post on there.

So I gather I should have "Felt" an "Epiphany" coming on.  Nothing happened!

This one was in a response to Hyperthetically and a small issue I found on his site for just a little while.

It immediately thought of the Riccoli (or however you spell it) commercials, you know the cough drop commercials.

 This one was brought about talking about the various games and how they continually give you a bit and then you have to pay for more to open other parts.

Its as if the games give you a "Sip" of a "Skit" of the game in order to draw you in and pay much much more.

This one I am not even going to comment on.  You can read it for yourself and see what you come up with (No, pun intended).

Now, this next one comes from one of my Favorites out there that I follow and she follows me and you can find her at When red means go and it fits her to a "T"!

Annah, Girlo, I am going to close with that one for you today.

Hope you all got a few smiles and maybe just maybe a blush or two.

Have a Great Day!


  1. Haha at ovencoc.....

    And hothide could not have been a better capture for Annah's blog.

    I really need to get better about doing screen captures. I had one the other day that was "peepants".

    Still laughing about that one.

  2. Ovencoc eh? hahahhahahahaha I'm celibate Danny Boy. No oven cocks or any types of cocks for that matter. PERIOD

  3. Lol Dan, I get some good ones, might have to start taking notes!


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