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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meant to Do and I Took Part

Anything at Anytime's 100th Post! 

I Wanted to set this up with bells, whistles, fireworks and the whole shebang.

I decided to keep it rather simple and put two post together one short discussion and a 3 month I Took Part in That (haven't done one of those in awhile and you all should see where we are).

So on with the first bit.

Last night I was surfing the channels as usual and ran into one of my Favorite movies just as it was starting, perfect timing.  The Rookie starring Dennis Quaid as John Morris.  It is a Baseball Movie and has some good bits in it for young and old alike.  It seems every single time I see it I find something new that makes me think about how that could pertain to my life or what is going on with me and mine.

Well, last night was no different.  Now, I am not going to tell you the whole story and this and that of the entire movie because you have to see it for yourself and it is based on a True Event.  Anyway, to set up what got me thinking last night, John (Dennis Quaid) has had issues with his father in the past but an event is taking place in John's life that has him questioning his options.  John goes to visit his father and get his opinion (which in itself is a big step).  His father says this:  "Your grandfather once told me: "It's OK to think about what you want to do until it is time to do what you were MEANT to Do."  I know that may not be what you were wanting to hear."

So it got me to thinking about me and my situation.  I have always been the Dreamer type and always have tried to be a realist optimist (prepare for the worst and always hope for the best).  Maybe, just maybe, I was meant to write.  Who knows?  I don't know.  I just know that I have been at this consistently for three months now and it I am not at a point of stopping.  I just want to keep going and drawing more people to read and think about what I have to put out there/here.  Some may think I am nuts, others might find it funny and yet others may find something to expound upon.  Maybe I was put in the position/situation that I am because that is where I was Meant to be?

Part II of today's Post

I Took Part in That  -- 3 Month total and Map

As You can see by the map it is filling out nicely from the beginning.  Looking at the Map you see El Paso with the Largest Number and you see the total visits at 2,204.  If I have done my figures right I would say that between 270 - 300 visits have been by me when I go in and make post on other sites like Facebook and Google.  So I will go with the larger Number of 300 from the initial 2,204 and that leaves a total of 1,904 visits from 54 countries and 447 cities.  I hope that by the end of the year I can have that total close to or beyond 3,000 (would love to see that kind of traffic in a month, but small steps.)

Thanks to all of you that stop by and read what I have put up.  We all made that map look like that together.


  1. Congrats on your 100th post Danny Boy!! I just had my 200th post and did nothing for it. Maybe for 500......

    I need to post my map too. It was YOU that got me signed up for Stat Counter, so maybe I will post the map and give you a shout out.

    I am just about at 100 followers and am thinking of doing something special when I hit 100. Any suggestions?

  2. Pretty sure I am the dot lower middle Australia. I love those Stat counters. Congrats on the 100th post. Looking forward to the next 100

  3. Good job, Dan! Also...love your picture. It's good to see a real human bean now and then. :-)

  4. Congrats on 100 posts! That's uh-mazing. I'm maybe 20 posts away from there and incredibly nervous about what's next.

    Just added you to my blog roll! Maybe you get more readers like that. LOVE THE MAP

  5. Congrats, 100 posts is definitely an achievment! I love checking out my own map to see that people from all over the world have visited my blog. My dot is the one right next to Finland.

  6. Thank you all.
    Amber - I was slowly catching up to you and stalled let me know what its like in 100 world when you get there. Lol

    Mynx - Yeap, thats you alright. Hope I can keep everything interesting and different.

    Kate - but are you referring to me as a "Bean"? I know I am skinny but that bad? LOL

    Annah - You won't ever run out of ideas don't worry about it. Thanks for the push and your on that map from a few of your visits around the globe.

    Minoccio - that is definitely you and thanks for checking in on me from time to time. You and your movie post get me rummaging around at your site from time to time.

  7. Congrats, Dan! :-D

    Little by little, you will get more traffic!

    -French Bean


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