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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Anything at Anytime is interrupted at this time to bring you ******* BREAKING NEWS*******

BREAKING NEWS from our on the scene Reporter Jack Frost

*Jack Frost*

Apparently Christmas is in Jeopardy!!!
Reports are being kept Quiet on the issue but from an unnamed reliable source inside the El Paso County Jail, Santa has been Arrested!

Yes, Arrested!

According to our source Santa was forced to land by the Border Patrol helicopter because of erratic flying.  The Border Patrol in conjunction with the El Paso Police Dept. was keeping an eye out for potential Drunk Drivers when the Sleigh Santa was driving was seen to be moving about in a very disorderly fashion.  So the Border Patrol contacted the Local Police and informed them the location that they were forcing down the sleigh so that the Authorities could take him into custody.

The Charge - FWI - Flying While Intoxicated.

This is serious Jack.
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*******BREAKING NEWS*******


Jack,  Now that we are back from our Sponsors we, here at the Studio, were wondering if you had any other information?

Yes, Apparently when Santa was pulled over they gave him a Breathalyzer test and he FAILED Catastrophically! 
His BEC - Blood Eggnog Content - was 10 times, YES! 10 Times the legal limit.

We have obtained a copy of his Mug Shot - this is what He Looked like when they forced Him to Land.

From what I have been able to gather so far, is that once the Police realized they had the REAL Santa they immediately got him before a Judge (name withheld so that No threats are made).  

The Judge realized that if the matter were not solved quickly that Christmas may have to be put on hold or maybe even completely Canceled this year.  

What I have learned (and I understand the Judge has just been told) is that Santa is NOT at Fault.  Apparently the Elves were playing a Joke on Santa and instead of Hot Chocolate in his Thermoses they filled them with Eggnog.  

We all know how addictive Eggnog can be!
One Drink is to many and a Thousand Drinks not enough!

Just a moment Dan,.......... Someone is Approaching the Podium.......
Its the Police Chief, let's see what he has to say.

*Police Chief*
Gentleman of the Press,  
Since you are the first to pick up this story and the only one here reporting it, we are going to go through you to appeal to the people.  

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children,
Last night Santa was apprehended and Charged with FWI - Flying While Intoxicated.  We Realize that this was not, repeat Not His fault as he was the Victim of a poorly, Very Poorly, timed Prank by the Christmas Elves.  Regardless of that, Eggnogging and Flying are NOT TOLERATED!

That being Said....... We do not want to be the Cause of Christmas being Delayed or Canceled.  The Judge realizes the Severity of the issues.  His (the Judge's) Edict is that if enough interest can be Gathered and Proof Provided to him (the Judge) then he (the Judge) will release Santa to perform his (Santa's) regular duties.

*Jack Frost*
How are the People to show their interest and Provide that Proof the Judge?

*Police Chief*
They can Show the interest by Comments on your Stations Website.  They can Tweet, Stumbleupon, Forward, email and every form you all can think of.  Just Get the Word OUT!
The More Interest, Concern and Comments you can Gather Quickly will insure that Christmas goes on like it is Scheduled.

*Jack Frost*
There you have it...... Christmas is in Our Hands!
We All need to get active.  

If I may Dan, a personal appeal.......
People, you heard the Police Chief.  Please!?!?!?!? 
Tweet, Stumble, digg, use every available means to Pass this on and EVERYONE Comment so we will have a record to show the Judge that we Want SANTA FREE.

There you have it Folks....... Christmas is in Jeopardy and it is in OUR hands to Save it.
What will we Do?


Thanks to my Oldest D for this Post.  As we were outside yesterday putting up a few more Decorations, I asked her to step back and see how it "Looked".  Her Response is what Triggered this today.  "Dad, it looks as if Santa was FWI."  

My response, "FWI???????" 

Her answer,  "Flying While Intoxicated"

I couldn't Pass this UP.

Please, Pass it around lets see what kind of response this gets?



  1. FREE SANTA!!!!

    and drop me off some of that eggnog!!!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book

  2. I agree, we can't have christmas ruined. Free Santa. !!

  3. i'm joining the boycott with Bruce and Nynx Free Santa we need Christmas


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