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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deja Vu and Choices

Yes, Anything at Anytime is going there.

Deja Vu moments - Have you ever had them?

You know those times where you are doing something, anything, and right in the middle of it you are hit with that feeling...."I've done this already!"

Personally, I have them every now and again.  I will have them at the weirdest of moments and sometimes I will have them at those "Turning Point" moments.

 The times it happens at the weird moments I just sit back and watch it happen.  It almost seems as if I am watching a re-run of a show I like on TV.  The sad part is they are over far to soon.  (They could at least have the decency to be as long as a 30 minute sitcom without the commercials!)

The Turning Point" Deja Vues, now those....


Well, those are the ones we all should really pay attention to because they are the ones that "MEAN" something.  They are the ones that shout out to us - "You better have paid attention!", "The MOMENT is Here!", "We told you.  Now, What are You Going to DO!?!?"

The problem with "Turning Point" Deja Vues is that you only know the moment it happens, the situation.  You have NO clue as to what is next.
Do you DO IT? or Do you Not?
Turn Left or Turn Right?
Do you Stop or Keep Going?
Do you Hit the Jerk or Just totally immasculate him and make him look like the Total Fool and Jerk that he is in front of his friends and peers? (OK, this last one I think you know what I did!)
All the while knowing in your gut that no matter the choce somehow, someway you have just set yourself to a specific path.

We are confronted with these types of choices every single day.  We just don't have the luxoury of Deja Vu all of the time to let us know that we are THERE.

It is nice to have those moments.  The foreknowledge that you are at one of those Moments that you know you are faced with a changing choice.

Where do I go from here?  Where do We go from here?  I don't know Deja Vu left me at that title.
I will say this:  Sometimes Dreams are more than just a "dream", they can have real substance that helps us work out what is going on in our lives.  I believe that Dreams create Deja Vu moments by pulling everything from our everyday lives and sub-conciousness and putting them all together in "if this, then that" scenerios and the Deja Vues are when we "hit the nail on the head" and everything played out just like in the Dream(s).

Deja Vu is ourselves telling us that this is where we are headed.  This is what will happen as a result of this!
Our Choices are what creates the things for our minds to work around and put together with how we normally react to situations and thus the result is a dream one night and a Deja Vu the next week.

So, What is Your Choice?

Continue on?

Turn the Page?


  1. Deja Vu is weird. There will be times when I'll experience small bits of it in a row. I'll think it'll be over and then, nope, here's another one. I like to think, in some strange way, that Deja Vu is just something that's telling me I'm on the right path. Or not.

    It may be, and it's very probably, just misfiring neurons or something, but then they say the same about dreams and I'm not so sure that's the case.

  2. I honestly don't have too many concious déjà vu experiences, but I have had that feeling...

    -French Bean

  3. I have it from time to time. I've even had the same deja vu twice! :)


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