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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thoughts of Mythical things

Anything at Anytime's Topic Word -  Mythical

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Mythical -  The very word conjours up the thoughts of Dragons (of course my favorite first), Elves, Dwarves, Minotaurs, creatures and gods of old, Heros that made people strive to be like them.
Adventures from days gone past when things were easier.... and harder! 
The days we did not worry about bills and fixing cars or any of "Today's Techinical Worries".  The days that things were simple: you walked or you rode, you fought for what you believed or perished into an existance of servitude. 

Mythical stories from our past tell of Men and Women who accomplished great feats or suffered immense loss.  The gods of old moving men as pawns in a game of chess.  The Undefeatable being defeated by the simplest of things.  The Weak standing up to the the Strong.......... and overcoming insurmountable odds.
Items, things from the past, are mentioned as to have Mythical Powers that inable the bearer or owner to do or cause things to happen that would seem impossible.  Excalibur, The Holy Grail, Thor's Hammer, Zeus' Lightening, the Spear tip that Pierced Jesus' side, all items that provide the bearer Mythical Powers.

Dragons, creatures, that hold knowledge and powers that even by today's standards are unreal.  Flight such as birds, various breath from flame to ice, the ability to communicate with any and all things,  for one to have such powers is purely Mythical.

Today's society has lost what Myths and Mythical characters played in our lives. 

Have We become the "Age of Mythos Powers"?  The ability to go to the stars, communicate with others thousands of miles away, moving great distances in hours that would have taken months if not years in some cases, all could be considered Mythical Powers from days gone by. 

The thought that we as people have lost what those stories were telling us is sad!

Myth, Mythology, Legend, must be in our lives! 

These are the things that make us strive to be better than those before us.  These Mythical beast, Items, gods and Men, these stories of them make us push ourselves to new limits and new visions, without them we go nowhere.


  1. I'm reading that very idea right now ... with Joseph Campbell's the Power of Myth and that's a point he makes. We are nothing without myths. We need tell stories again.

    Great Article ... Very Inspiring ...

  2. Myths have in the past and even now still serve as great metaphors for the human condition. Today, most of our myths come from science and are wrongly labeled as "facts."


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