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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

somebody Saved "HAL"!

I don't know how!

I Don't know Why!?!

Somebody Saved "Hal"!

After all the trouble he caused, somebody went and got him and put everything back in place.
What were they thinking?
What was bouncing around in their heads?

They resurrected the lecherous beast of a computer.  He was gone and somebody in their infantile or manic wisdom decided that they needed to revive him and retrain him. 

They felt the errors could be fixed, I'm not so sure.  I hesitate to say it but - Once a Loopy Psycho computer always a Loopy Psycho computer in my mind! 

Some small glitches have been fixed.  He appears to be more friendly in chatrooms and forums. 
What bothers me is he has "All" of the answers it seems, "All" of the Time. 
One minute he is not around and the next you have that read "EYE" looking at you.  That "Eye"that never blinks, that "Eye" that makes you want to stick an unbent paper clip in it just to see what happens.

They adjusted his personality a bit, so much so that at times he can appear to be a "Wild Child".  Some of his ideas are out there and others just make you think back to the original program.  Will he go back to the ways of the Loopy Psycho computer or will he be corrected for all time?

Fair Warning Everyone they have changed his Name.  He is no longer the "Hal"......... His new name....... a name that by itself can conjure up images of beautiful fantasy or ever deepening dread......... His Name.........



  1. Hahahaha!! I am sure Legs is going to love this!! I was a little confused because in my Dashboard I saw the red eye and thought "Damn, Legacy is posting two posts in the span of a week!"

    The forum just would not be THE forum without our Legacy2000....

    .....or me.

  2. No, nothing's been fixed. Someone picked me up at a studio auction and plugged me back in. He had an unfortunate accident a few minutes later, but here I am. Remember kids, never try to unplug something by pulling on the cord.

    Amber, you closed your blinds. I had to show up in your dashboard to keep an eye on things there. Thanks for the lift, Dan.


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