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Monday, July 12, 2010

Will We Ever Learn?

"Anything at Anytime" implies that Anything can and will be written about at Anytime. 

Today is no different!
Today I Hope I hit a nerve,
Maybe make you Mad,
Maybe make you Sad,

Most of all Make You THINK!

I have Seen things,

Things that would boil the blood in your veins,

Things that would make your heart weep blood measured only by the flow of a river,

Things that are sad but sometimes must happen, all the sadder because it needs be done.

I have Seen things,

Things to bring a smile upon a child's face,

Things that just by the very nature of them bring out our best (yours and mine),

Things to bring our hearts such joy and wonder, as witnessing the birth of a calf in an open prairie.

My travels around the world have allowed me the chance to see many wondrous and monstrous things.

Somethings I wish I could forget and wipe from my memory like erasing a program or erasing the chalkboard after school for my wife.  As a student of Life and History, I know I can never let this happen.  Allowing yourself to forget History DOOMS you to repeat History!  That "Wheel" always turns around, sometimes faster than we are prepared for.

There are things I have Seen that, at times, I wish I could just stay right there or be a part of without end.  Those moments when everything is or seems too be in perfect harmony.  These moments are Rare but "Oh, so Worth the wait!"  Witnessing the birth of Your Child(ren), the calf being born in an open prairie (actually happened to me on a lone trip to Albuquerque on a back road and not a car within a 30 min drive in any direction, a story for another day), watching Haley's Comet as it passes by on its never ending voyage of the Cosmos, these are but a few of those moments that are worth the wait.  This is the "Wheel" that we should strive to keep rolling on and on.

The Other "Wheel", the "Wheel" of repetitious Doom is caused by not paying attention to the price those before us have paid.  In most of those cases the "Cost" was so High it boggles the mind to think that we as a people would Ever Forget.  "The Crusades", "The War of the Roses", WWI, WWII and the Holocaust, Bosnia, these are but a few examples of "Costly" repetition.  The "Cost" was paid in BLOOD and LIFE!
If We - as a people - can not Learn from those before us, We - as a people - are Destined to repeat those mistakes.

I will put it this way (as simple as I can):  You go to a car lot and  find the car you want to buy.  The Sticker price of the car is say $17,500.00.  You pay cash so you don't have to finance it.  The day after you bought it, it is stolen.  Insurance pays and you go back to the same car lot and find the exact same car, it IS the car you already paid for!  They want another $17,500.00............ Are You going to buy it again?

Why would we want to pay in Blood over and over when we have already done so countless times over and beyond the original "Cost"?

Will We Ever Learn?


  1. No, it is just in our messed up Human nature to never learn from our mistakes.

    That is just life.

  2. Nice post, just what I needed to read.

  3. All I can say is it's sad that religious wars still exist. There are those in this world that will continue to fight in the name of god, "what ever their god is." Then there a people like the Bush's our presidents in the past that can never let go of the past. Really how can we stop others from the international disasters of war when our country engages in wars that are of not our concern.
    I only hope that the new generation of our children "universally" will see life differently and manipulate the system to stop the madness of world wars.
    A huge dream, and a huge wish, with great hopes to come.

  4. "We learn from history that men never learn anything from history." I have to agree with Bernard Shaw about that. You just have to read the papers everyday.

  5. I think individuals learn but society doesn't. I'm not sure how many individuals it would take to turn into society learning?


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