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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Cool Coincidence and MUCH More

As I have written in one of the descriptors for Anything at Anytime:  Anything at Anytime - Sometimes even surprising me.

Until the other day I had no idea how true that was. 

I was talking to my Mother about this site because I had made some changes and with them living far away I could have her look and tell me if she saw what I wanted her/the audience to see.  She did and as Mothers do started talking about what I was doing (about the blog).  As you will guess, I got the usual comments about "Oh, you write so well.", "You could have always written like this......", "Why didn't you........." . 

Honestly, I don't think my writing is that good but is descent and gets across my point.  But being a Parent myself I can truly understand what she was saying, so I swallowed the "Your only saying that because your my Mom." 

Somewhere in the conversation we got to talking about one of my previous post The "Quill" and she mentioned a bit of trivia behind it. 

First a bit of background:  I like History, love to read it and think about what could have happened if..... I also like it because if you pay attention to your History you can get an idea about what is coming. 
My Mother is one of those Genealogy Nuts.  She just dives into finding out who, what, and where the family has branched out from.  She has two different places she keeps track of it all. 

Anyway!  Back to where I was going.

I had written The "Quill" and our discussion was over what I had written and she was reading it again while we were talking and then she came to the end, the part that talks about the last person to sign the Declaration of Independence - Matthew Thornton. 

As she said it exactly:  "Oh, by the way we are Related to Him."  It was like a bombshell. 
Bang, Pow, Boom and all of that stuff.

First thought in my mind was: Now, that is cool.  To be able to say that somewhere down the line by some backhanded way I, we (my family) are attached to one of the Greatest Documents in American History!  The next thing was: What are the odds that I would choose to write something like that, about that, and mention his name when I did it?

One of those Freaky, weird things that just happen from time to time.

I have had time to think about it since she told me and I still find it to be an awesome coincidence that I would write that, mention his name and to find out after the fact that I am, in some out there extended way, related to one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. 

Now, after thinking about it, I have a Dilemma!  I used to be a Republican, even held a precinct chair position here in El Paso for awhile.  Now I am a self proclaimed True Independent.  All of the parties; Republican, Democrat, and the Tea Party, have something valid to say about what and how our government does things.  All of them are completely wrong with other things they say and do. 

Do I, as a descendant of one of the Original Signers, have a responsibility to bring that Document back to Life?  As a Veteran of the U.S. Navy and Army have the Duty to tell you all that WE (as a people) need to look at what that Document tells us - Nay - that Dictates to us that WE should do all in OUR Power to make the changes that must be made?!?!

We, as a People, have as much if not more responsibility than those in office.  We select them and put them in place to represent US.  If they are not doing the job we gave them, then it is OUR Responsibility to vote them out and to elect someone that will do what they are supposed to. 

We, as a People, must not forget the whats, the whys and the wherefores that got us to where we are today!  Documents such as the Declaration of Independence are/were written as guidelines to provide their Descendants, us (you and me), a path to follow when Governments or representatives over step the bounds.

No one party is responsible for what has and is happening in OUR Government.  WE, as a People, have that weight on OUR shoulders.  WE the People have, by OUR inaction and lackadaisical attitudes, allowed OUR Representatives to do and think the way they have for so long that Now they BELIEVE THEY KNOW what is best for us and WE DON'T!

There are some well intentioned Representatives in place now.  They are far out weighed by the Representatives of Special Interest - mostly the Special Interest of "What is in it for ME!" and the "How can I make monies!"  and the "They are Sheep and We Know Best Crowd!"

WE, the People (One Entity), must speak as a Voice, a single Voice, that says "It ends here and it Ends NOW!"  "Do as WE say or WE vote you out!"  Make them the Unemployed!  Make them "Work" for a living rather than Stand on OUR shoulders and tell us to push them up higher.  Make them do as they are supposed to do, Represent US or stand down and let someone that will do the job right, DO IT!

WE all must work TOGETHER in order to make things RIGHT!

I Guess I answered my earlier Questions.


  1. That is pretty cool and a nice coincidence indeed. I think sometimes these little things happen for a reason, coincidences that make you think :) Hmmmm.

  2. And it would be nice if our government could hold itself accountable for its actions and stop blaming everything on the last administration. That is a nice coincidence indeed.

  3. ...if you pay attention to your History you can get an idea about what is coming...
    That is so true. Cool coincidence by the way!


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