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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tagged? Who Me? I'm IT?!?!?!

Anything at Anytime (or I did) got Tagged.

As I am a Neophyte blogger I understand tagging as means for other Bloggers and our readers wanting to Know a little bit more about the One(s) tagged. 

I have been blogging on this here site with anything that comes to my mind. 

Well, Amber (a friend from one of the forums I visit) has been a boon to me and to several other Neophyte bloggers and the other day she Tagged me.  If you get a chance and like to hear things Straight (no BS) check this lady and her blog out.

On to the Tagging Process:

When Tagged I was given 8 questions to answer about myself. 

1. Who is your favorite musician/band and why?  

To be honest I have multiple types I like and could call favorites for different reasons.  The phase I am going through right now has me listening to a mix; Pink Floyd, Enya, and The Eagles.  The reason behind this mixture - my daughters got me the cds for Father's Day and putting them all on the computer and fiddling around with the mix has really opened up some of my creative whatever you want to call it here at Anything at Anytime.  They were fantastic gifts at just the right time and for that - They just may take the Title Favorites.

2. What celebrity annoys you the most and why?

Boy, this one is a hard question!  I could Blast our Congressman here in El Paso Cong. Silvestre Reyes - but I don't want to make this or this site appear Political.  They (all Politicians) have royal bent us all over.

Another reason this is hard is because I firmly believe that everyone, celebrities included, deserves their own personal life without Judgement from Anyone else.  See, Celebrities have it tough in this sense: Every Single Little Thing they do is under a Media Microscope.  Imagine it is you or me Under that Microscope.  No doubt about it We are going to screw up somehow, someway.  We Can't escape it.  Just as an easy example: What happens to us, any of us, when a Cop pulls in behind us in traffic and just stays there?  He didn't like your haircut but he can't pull you over for that.  Soooooooo, He pulls in behind you and stays there until you forget a blinker to change lanes, or you slow down to much to let him pass, or you push the gas just a little more in your nervousness.  No matter what He has you. 
The Media does that to Celebrities enough, I don't need to jump on that bandwagon.

3. What has been your biggest letdown lately?

Personal letdown or Somebody let me down? 
I will go with a Personal Letdown - This is an ongoing Letdown.  Since being diagnosed with LS Emphysema and on Oxygen 24/7 I, Me, the Man of the house, the Husband, the Father, have/has not been able to provide for his/My Family.  Even with a "valid" reason it is still a Giant Pill to swallow.

4. Worse job you have ever had and why?

How about a Combination of Best and Worst Job I have had and why?
I had been Unemployed for several months and had just bought a house and was desperate for work.  Now I am a believer in Christ, Not one that prays every single day and my faith is a mixture of what I have seen over the years but I was so Desperate for work.  One night I broke down and got on my knees and prayed that God give me a Job, any Job - shoveling Shit if that was all I could get, Just give me ANYTHING.

***Careful what you pray for!

My wife called me the next day that her brother had a friend that was willing to hire me if I could be back in El Paso by 7am the next day.  Hell, I was packed and back in El Paso by 11:30 that night.  The next morning I was at the office/warehouse of A.R.C. Electric here in El Paso.  My very first job was a TEST to see if I was willing to "WORK".  I was up in the mountains digging a ditch with a pick axe and trenching shovel, Nothing but Rocks and Boulders!!!! They all figured I would quit that day.  They all figured I would Quit by the end of the week.  Not a Chance in Hell!  I asked for it, I DID IT! 
It was the worst job because I ended up being a prep man doing that kind of stuff ALL of the time.  Talk about Dead Tired!  Sore!  Just Beat to Death! 
But it was the Best Job because it put me back with my family and I ended up with a great boss.  The Owner/boss was/is a fair man and gives everyone a chance and a break.  He had no reason to take me on but he did and gave me fair starting wages and when he didn't hear me "Bitchin" about always getting the crap jobs, I received a fair raise.
So, Best and Worst.

6. Guilty pleasures? Spill.

It used to be Golf, being here in El Paso allows for Golf almost year round.  Since I get to tired to walk the course anymore...... Well, I have had to shift gears.
But A Truly guilty Pleasure is my wife and kids Coughin up the Big TV for me to Watch my NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS anytime during College Football season, which by the way is about a month and a half away!
They load me up: Sodas, chips, dip (guacamole).  Then they give me all the space to cheer, shout, hoot and holler to my hearts content. 

7. The last argument you had with someone - what was it about?

Getting my wife a new cell phone.  She didn't want to "Waste" the money on a new phone.  For some reason we went to war over that for about three days.  She got the phone but I lost the war.

8. What would be something you would NEVER do, even if someone paid you a shit ton of money?

Easy!  Kill myself.  I have way to much to live for and even on the worst days you can find a glimmer of light and hope SOMEWHERE!

There are my questions and answers to being TAGGED.

Now, I Tag you the readers of this article - Pick one of those questions above and answer it in the comments section and be Honest about it. 

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Now, Your IT


  1. Interesting set of responses. I like the guilty pleasure in particular and the idea of you hollering through a mouthful of chips and dips. I'm with you on number 7, except I'm the one who wants the phone and who will win the argument!

  2. Awwww I loved this. Big tv's are a big deal to me too!

  3. Danny Boy, you are such a good blog player. I really appreciate you answering your questions. You are great!

    MY biggest letdown? My niece. 18 and pregnant, no education, no job, no skills, still smoking. Asked me to adopt the baby then after I got attached, she changed her mind.

    Is THAT what is the biggest letdown? If I were TOTALLY selfish (which I am not....I am just a little selfish) then I would say, yes. But in reality, the biggest letdown is that this will be another child that will fall through the cracks.

    I hope not though. I am going to do everything I can for that kid if it kills me.


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