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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sun-tzu and Puzzles?

I will hold True to the Title of this blog Anything at Anytime.

For you my Readers, the Reason:

It is what I call "My Puzzle Piece Writings."

Not that all of my writing fits together like a puzzle because I jump from topic to topic, from one thing to another from day to day.  In a weird way they do because they all come from me but I am the only true connection there. 

I start writing with a topic in mind, one I woke up with or found or saw.  It could be about Anything; The Captchas, The Kindle, The Last Grand Adventure, The Perfect Cup of Coffee; well, you get the idea.  anytime an idea strikes me I write about it.  At times it can be a Royal Jumbled Mess. 

I have so much crap running around in my head (Don't We all?), I must break it down and think of it all like a puzzle.  One Giant, Monstrous puzzle that I can't touch and that I have no picture to guide me.

So, I just start to write.  As the writing (pieces) comes out I start looking and seeing if that fits with this and this fits with that.  Sometimes they do.  Most times they Don't!  That's when the Puzzle Hunt Begins!

When I started this blog I knew in my core that it would be like this:
1. It is who I am!
2. It is how my life is, Jumbled and All over the place - and I know I am not the only one like this.
3. You as a Reader have already seen it in previous writings, I am all here and there and everywhere.

Hence the Title of this blog - Anything at Anytime.

Knowing myself well enough that I could not Expect (ever) to say " This is It."  I knew I Could expect of myself to do exactly as I have done so far and will continue to do. 
I like to read and read many, many types of books.  One that I have read off and on over the years is Sun-tzu's The Art of War - it may seem like it is out of place in a blog like this but truly it is a book that if read properly can apply to Every Day Life as well as to Military tacticians.  One of my favorites (paraphrased of course) is:  Knowing yourself and your enemy you will be victorious all the time, Knowing yourself and not your enemy you will sometimes be victorious.  How does this apply?  In Life if we know Who we (as individuals) are and know the situation we can always find a way to accomplish or Win (in essence Victorious), if on the other hand we know ourselves but don't know the situation we Might finish it or be Might be victorious in our endeavors. 

There are many things that Sun-tzu has in his book that can apply to everything.  Having Read and re-read the books I have on the subject, the writing has opened my eyes on how to look at things differently and to allow me to see Me, Myself, what I can do and what I can Not do. 
This enables me to just be me and know that in the end somehow, someway Anything can happen at Anytime and I will write about it as it comes to me. 
Maybe, just maybe fitting the situation to the Puzzle of my writing and I can come up with something that makes us all think, remember or even, yes, smile.

If you ever have a chance read a version of Sun-tzu's The Art of War, there are several versions out there but get one that has his writings and you break it down to how it applies to you.  Apply his writing to your daily life at home, at work, in competition.  You may be surprised about some of the things and how it might change your perception just that little bit that makes things clearer to you.

I know how it has changed my outlook on some things.
Only You will be able to tell for yourself.


  1. I think The Art of War is one of those books thatcan actually apply to every aspect of your life if you take the time to really read the meanings. I think it lends itself to different interpretations, depending on the person. BUT, love that book!


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