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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sometimes We are to Close! or Always in a Rush?

Have you ever worked so hard at something, so hard that the only thing you can think of is that something?

I have.

Odds are that you have at one time or other as well.

We all do it. 
I have got to get that done for the blog.
I have to reach this goal by this date.
That "Project" for the office has to be done by.......
The reports to file and get ready for Oversight Review. 
The new construction Job site needs this or that. 
I've Got to get that paperwork filed for the inspections. 
I Have to make sure the kids are prepared for the Test.
We all do it.

Sometimes we get so involved with what we have to do we don't always see the best way to do it.
We get into that rut of doing it this way or that way, not paying attention to other avenues of approach.

We (as a society and as individuals) are in such a hurry to "finish" somethings we do not allow ourselves the luxury to see what other options are available to accomplish something. 
We tend to rush from beginning to end, not seeing the whole but just the straight line point.  Some things that we do need that view point.  No escaping that fact.

Not everything we do at work or in life needs to be done quickly and put down so that we can jump to the next thing.
Every once in awhile we need to slow down and look at everything around us and see what is need to complete the whole picture.
Or ....
Ask someone for their point of view and if they may have a different way of doing it that may make things easier for you and you never thought of it that way.
Or .....
Help someone accomplish their job, their goal and you may be surprised.  Now that person has time to help you or a Fresh perspective that completes what you were missing and couldn't find.

Just some of my thoughts about us all being in a rush all the time and not being able to see what is sometimes right in front of us!

This isn't just about Jobs and Work.

This applies to Home and Family and Friends as well!  It applies to all of us, all of the time, everywhere we are.

Slow Down!  Help and let yourself be Helped! 
You might be surprised what we can all accomplish together.


  1. I agree! I feel like I'm always rushing to get things done! It's always nice to slow down and enjoy life!

  2. I can really relate to this. Last school year everyday I felt like I was two weeks behind and had to hurry to catch up. I think I finally caught up with my work the last day of school. I am hoping to slow down next year and enjoy my students more. This will bring a better attitude home to you and the girls.
    I loved this blog because it's like you are reading my mind.

  3. i agree dan. i also think sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy the experience of doing things instead of rushing. My PC is doing that today!


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