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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Captcha Humor

Today's post on Anything at Anytime was inspired by a simple thing from a friend and follower and fellow blogger.

Annah over at When Red means Go put up a screen shot of a "Captcha" - those words you have to type in to comment on sites for security reasons - she got when posting on another site.  Funny as Hell!  You have to go to her site and read it because I am not going to tell you.  You will Laugh and Laugh at what she got.  And if you have kept up or go back and read some of her previous post it just makes things even Funnier.

The inspiration provided by Annah was this:  How many weird out their combinations can one get from "Captchas"?

Well, these were done just last night and this morning:

As you will see even the "Captchas" can give you Anything at Anytime, Literally.

This first one is the one that I got when Responding to Annah's post last night:

I like to think that I can be "The Nifty" one from time to time. - "denifty"  = The Nifty

This next one my Wife has a cousin that we all call AJ and we all Love him to Death (and he is the Godfather of one of my Girls but acts as he is to both)

So why would I want to "Bomb AJ"? - "bomaj" = Bomb AJ

This next one was a response I was making to a young woman that has decided to lay off of men for awhile:

Now, this one says it like no other could "Ban Sin".  - "bancen" = Ban Sin

This next one was in response to a gamers post about games put out by one company.  You would have to read the post to understand the comment but the "Captcha" just fit me and the situation:

This one could be taken two ways but still come out fitting.

1. "porat" = Poor at -- Right now we feel "Poor at" this time.

2. "porat" = Poor rat -- Sometimes I feel like a "Poor Rat" that can't provide but lives off of scraps.

Now you have seen some of the interesting bits that the "Captchas" can put out there and as I run across more I will save them and put them up for an occasional chuckle or two and hope you enjoy them as well. 

In the mean time, I am going to go find a fly swatter to smash this bugger that keeps bugging me while I am typing.

Keep an eye out for some of your own interesting "Captchas", and Don't Forget go visit Annah's When Red means Go to see what started this all.


  1. LOL how fitting these little captchas. Seriously sometimes they're ludicrous. I got one the other day that said "forehead infringement". Huh? What in the heck is THAT?

    And your "porat" just got me thinking about that movie Borat. "Very nice" In his voice. LMAO.

    p.s. You can take WHATEVER you want from my site. You and Amber. *muah*

  2. I get some doozies as well. Gives me a right chuckle. Especially when they sound like something dirty.

    **The one I just got was BOWIL. BAHAHHA

  3. loved the post and the efforts put up to even write that all along. so nicely put altogether

  4. I just checked out her blog, you're right, it is funny. Thanks for sharing. Btw, wanna know what word I had to verify to post this comment? Asplates!
    PS. Sorry if I posted this comment more than once, my computer is messing up.


I have made a change and removed the word verification and your comments will go right up; HOWEVER, if I think it will "OFFEND" my other readers it will be removed.

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