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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Toilet Paper?

A five minute trip to the store.

All it was supposed to be was an in and out to get toilet paper.

That is All!

My wife and I walked in and found that toilet paper like a snap of the fingers, that fast.

We grabbed the $10.00 pack with 24 Rolls (with kids it seems we go through it like crap through a goose).

We headed for the register but something caught my eye.
"Wait" I said "we need paper plates as well."

Which of course lead to:
Laundry Soap,
Super Glue,
Lemon Bars,
Hawaiian Punch (orange, figured we could try it)
5 packets of seeds for me to see if my greenish brown thumb can get to grow.

All because we needed Toilet Paper!

$10.00 is all we were going to spend, really, just an in and out visit.

$50.00 later and we are home and putting the stuff up.

Can you believe it?

$50.00 for that small list.


  1. Unfortunately, I have that happen all of the time as well.

    One of the skills that I think every shopper needs to develop is the ability to take items out of the basket before they reach the register.

    Next time, pull the shopping cart over to the side of an aisle somewhere, take everything out (literally) and only put back in the stuff that you can't live without. It'll work wonders for your budget.

    Nice blog! Come visit mine at http://www.futuretwit.com if you get the chance. Thanks!

  2. Dan try shopping with me it hurts a lot!


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