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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July - Fireworks

For the holiday:  4th of July 2010 and 4th of July 1776


A Nation Celebrates,

Reality is Forgotten,

Hotdogs, Hamburgers, icecream, candie consumed,

 Image via kcbs.com
Arguing, Yelling, Debating,

Image via larae.net
Shorts, Swimming,

Concern, Pacing, Writing for Liberty,

Cookouts, Family, Friends,

Decisions, Agreements, Seperations,

Screams of Joy Loud with Laughter,

Independece Declared!

Screams of Death Proud and Loud,

FireWorks of Wonder and Awe,

 Image via byu.edu newspaper
FireWorks of Awe and Wonder,

FireWorks at a Cost to set US FREE!

Image on FLICKR
Remember THAT Day today!

by me today.

For those of you expecting the "Topic Word" today I am re-schedueling it due to the holiday and will have it up and posted tomorrow.


  1. How I can I celebrate losing a colony? It's a sad day for the Brits.

  2. Well I maybe a little late on this one! But Independence Day is a great day in history and I for one love the fireworks. My dog Tim will beg to differ because he freaks out with the loud noise of fire crackers, thunderstorms too! Good thing this year he is getting on in life and can't hear the fire crackers as well. No more climbing into the bed and clawing up his masters. That was not fun for us during this wonderful time to celebrate.


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