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Sunday, July 11, 2010

For Some Reason?

Today's post has no rhyme or reason to me other than this guy just makes me smile. 

Many (and I won't say how Many) years ago my father introduced me to this guy on the radio.  What an introduction it was - The Streak

I have no idea why I thought about it, not a single solitary clue. 
I figured if he could make me smile then By Golly Gee, I was going to pass it on in the hopes that it might make a few of you smile as well. 

The music/videos have Three Chuckles and a serious note.  Please Enjoy them all. 

Since today is Sunday the first one is dedicated to this most Holy of Days............
You never will know what you find in Church .........
Nor will you know when that Spirit touches you ............ or is it...... Just watch the video and see......

Enjoy and Hope you have a Good Start to your Week!


  1. Urgh, it doesn't seem to work for me. So, I shall be forever wondering what it was. I feel quite bereft!

  2. Not sure if my first comment worked, but the link certainly didn't. Phooey.

  3. Madame, only thing I can think is that you might try refresh to see if it will autoplay like it should and then if not that you may have something set up on your firewall to prevent it.

    It will make you Chuckle for the effort.

  4. Cute! Thanks for the comment for a good start to this week. a smile on my face can't beat that! EVER!!!! Thank you Danny!

  5. Anytime is a good time for Ray Stevens.


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