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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Comments of College Football

One Thing I can tell you is that in Sports Anything can happen at ANYTIME!
In my experience that can not be a Truer statement Especially in College Sports.


College Football is almost Here!

One month to go and we get to have excitement, explosive filled Saturdays and a few games during the weeks to wet our appetites.  I can hardly wait.

Of course all of you that have been reading Anything at Anytime for awhile now, know that I am a Nebraska Cornhuskers FAN!  Have been as long as I can remember.  I am also a closeted UTEP Fan.  (I know, from one Extreme to the other.)

The Hype is already building up for all teams and all conferences.

Just from all the talk it is looking like it will be a Good if not Great Year in College Football.

Nebraska and Colorado will be playing their last year in the Big 12.
How will things shape up for the Big 12 this year after everything that has happened during the late spring and early parts of summer?  It looks to be interesting as Teams like Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Texas A&M all have had things going on.  Texas will be replacing some KEY players (players that put them in the positions they have been in the last few years).  Oklahoma will also be replacing some key components but their replacements got a good bit of playing time last year.  Texas Tech having gone through the turmoil at the end of the season with the firing of one Head Coach, the hiring of a New Head Coach and the team having to adjust to these changes.  Texas A&M looks to have a Defense and Offense that could cause problems for other teams this year, IF they play like they did against Texas at the end of the season last year.

The PAC-10 will be adding a few teams next year so this is the last year you will see these teams playing for a straight out season with No conference championship.  Oregon is having its problems still with their student athletes causing issues, so not sure where they will be shaping up as key players have been removed/released from the program.  Oregon State seems to be a team to watch all the time in the PAC-10 either as an underdog or an outright (albeit often Underrated ) stacked team.  Washington looks to be interesting this year as they may have let the Offense ferment long enough.  USC looks to be an interesting watch - how will they react to the NCAA punishment - Not to mention Lane Kiffin as their new Head Coach.  He couldn't get Tenn. going what makes them think that he will be able to do anything at USC and now as a recovering program?  As I said, it will be interesting to see how the Team responds.

All the Teams in the SEC that are currently being checked out for various "violations".  It is sad that a bunch of "Bad Apples" (Unscrupulous Agents) have to go out and screw with kids.  Hell, I am 41 going on 42 and if someone was flaunting that kind of money in My Face....... Well, it would be a tough choice and that is that I know what the consequences could be.  Not to mention the actions of these "Agents" screw up the system for the schools.  I am not saying that the Student Athlete(s) and the School(s) have No responsibility, they most assuredly do.  Temptations with the amounts of money and travel these "Agents" put out there are tough to look past but the school(s) and the athlete(s) have to maintain a Higher standard as they are far, Far more visible than anyone else.

This is all a build up for something.

I am thinking about starting a second blog.

I already know what the topic will be if I get it up and Running.  I have a month so I have plenty of time to get things arranged and looking right.  So if you are a College Sports Fan keep an eye out for me announcing that the new site is up and running.

As this will be my first attempt at something like this I am going to follow the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) rule.  I will start it off with College Football and if all goes well will expand into other College Sports.

So again, Keep your eyes open and I will let you all know when I have it running.

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