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Thursday, June 3, 2010

As Requested -- I Believe

I have been thinking about how I was going to approach writing this one while I have been sick and exactly what I would write.  There are several ways to approach this "project" and not a one of them is wrong.  Everything that follows is how I Believe, that is not necessarily how You believe, so please if you have a difference of opinion feel free to comment and let me and others know your opinion/belief. 

Oh, there are a couple of minor knuckle balls in here so tell me if you caught them.

I Believe we (as individuals) do not always portray who we really are to the world.  We keep the true self to ourselves and our immediate Loved ones.  Never showing the real world who and what we are out of fear.  Fear to open ourselves up to acceptance or ridicule.  (The Wonder of the Internet which allows people to show themselves without showing themselves.)

I Believe that there is so much more to discover here on earth than any of us could imagine!

I Believe We all could benefit by showing our fellow man more respect and compassion.  There are limits and there are times where respect and compassion have been worn out and a stand must be made.

I Believe that a cool breeze on a hot day is someone thinking kindly of you.

I Believe that if we see something wrong we should do something about it.  We should take action to stop it, be it saying something or actively interfering.

I Believe that most of Our (American) Representatives are out of touch with reality and the true desires of the American People.  How many Representatives do we have holding office that actually are regular everyday people like you and I?  Not many fit that bill!

I Believe that people (all people) can change how they feel about others by learning to accept others differences.

I Believe cotton candy is how a cloud must taste!

I Believe that Life is constantly adapting to changes around it.

I Believe that nothing is constant with two exceptions: change and a persons Love for their children.

I Believe that Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Enya, Jethro Tull, Def Leopard, and The Eagles are some of the Best if not the Best musical acts of all time.  (My wife and father would both tell me that I was wrong or that I at least need to add Barry Manilow.)

I Believe that man should be out in space, not just orbit around the earth, but out exploring space and other planets with manned missions.  We should not be saying someday but that we should be doing it Now!

I Believe that Fate/Destiny plays a role in life, if not I would not be the Proud Father and Happy Husband I am today.  Had Fate/Destiny not put me on the path I have traveled I never would have met my wife nor had the children I have.  (I shudder at the thought of what, where, and when I would be if not for Fate/Destiny.)

I Believe that Bill Crosby and George Lopez are two of the Best Real Life comedians to entertain and educate us with comedy. 

I Believe (as my Grandfather told me, and I told my children) that if you can put salt on a bunny's tail you can catch it!  (translation:  If you can dream it, see it, and work for it, You Can Do It!!!!!!)

I Believe (as my other Grandfather taught me) that Hard manual work is Gratifying and makes you feel good about doing something.  (He, my Grandfather in this one, was a Corn Farmer in Nebraska when it was still back breaking morning till dusk farming.)

I Believe that you the readers will agree with some and disagree with others so please tell me and the others in the comments.

I haven't gone into everything I Believe but this is a start.

I hope you all enjoy and participate!?!?

Last but not least:  I Believe in Us!



  1. Fantastic thoughts! Only comment I can make is "Fate/Destiny" to me is God! Love what you've written DanWins :o) Hubby and I really like what you wrote about clouds/taste. Very imaginative ... we had never imagined that before. Thanks for streching our minds.

  2. Well, thanks for adding Jethro Tull in there. :)

  3. ..and I believe gravy makes some things taste better. Also, I agree with three out of the six bands you posted, maybe four, but definitely not Barry.

  4. I agree with a lot but I think we have different taste in music!

  5. I believe that one has the power to change their own life. It's all about making decisions and moving forward. I believe that family and friends are the cement that holds ones heart together. I believe that the thoughts you think create your future, and I also agree with the book "The Four Agreements" hold true to staying healthy in mind body and spirit. #1. Be Impeccable With Your Word. #2. Don't Take Anything Personal.( a hard one.) #3. Don't Make Assumptions. #4. Always Do Your Best. Thanks Danny your insight is inspiring. And I love all those bands too!


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