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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twenty (20) Things I Like:

I Like is based on an earlier post I Believe.

Twenty (20) things I Like -

1.   - a good chair - you know the type - you sit down and it just molds to your body and makes you feel like you are a part of it and you can just melt away into it.

2.   - a good swim - in water that is crisp and clean and is cool enough to make you feel refreshed but warm enough to allow you to enjoy more than a couple of minutes in it.

3.   - a proper English Marmalade - can't beat it when on warm rolls or English muffins, with the butter melting down the sides.

4.   - sitting down and watching a good movie with my wife and kids.

5.   - fishing from the shore on a nice spring day.

6.   - a good book on a cloudy day.

7.   - spending time with my girls even if we do NOTHING.

8.   - being a Smart Ass when everyone needs a laugh.

9.   - watching a Good Football game - you've seen them - the ones where you know both teams have given it their best and there have been ups and downs on both sides. 

10. -  doing something (anything) because it is the Right thing to do.

11. - and the reverse (see #8.) - doing something (anything) because it is the WRONG thing to do.

12. - kicking back and playing computer and PS2 games.

13. - going to the forest away from everything and just sitting and listening to what nature says.

14. - encouraging my daughters to make me look stupid (as if they ever will, but it is a good challenge for them).

15. - a fresh cup of Coffee (just brewed) with milk and sugar.

The last 5 are reserved for Adults:

16. - Women in skirts (short skirts).

17. - stockings, garters and heels.  That combination to me is just Sexy.

18. - Deep long Kisses that when you knock her knees out from under her rebound and do the same to you.

19. - Teasing my wife mercilessly in THAT Way!

20. - and When She Does it to Me!!!

Hope you have enjoyed this list and can leave a few comments on what You Like?


  1. What I like?

    I like YOU, Danny Boy.

    ....and I like me too - so that is good.

  2. Good one Dan, but I so disagree with marmalade!!! Ugh, it's horrid!

  3. Sounds like you have a lot in common with my dad. Especially when it comes to fishing, coffee, and women LOL.


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