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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Giveaways and Remembrance

The Giveaway side:

I ran across this site by referral from a family member that mentioned another relation had a blog, so of course being a good "2nd" cousin I had to go pay a quick visit and check out this site:  Living with the Lebedas is a good "Mommy" blog (her words not mine).

From what I have seen and read so far Jen has it going and has built up a little following and she has a kicker to boot, Giveaways!  She constantly has some contest going for giveaways.  There are instructions on what to do and how to "gain" additional draws.  The current Giveaway is for a T-shirt, go check it out and see if maybe you might be interested in giving it a shot and see if you might win.  You Never Know!?!?

Now the Remembrance side:

Now when Jen realized I had a blog she came to my blog and posted a comment wanting to know a bit more about me and mine.  Well, we chatted a bit and will continue to do so from time to time about whos, whats, and all of that but I figure that I could post a tad little bit about the whos and whats of our first meeting. 

Her father, my cousin who just so happens to have a few years on me (jab, jab - nudge, nudge), was assigned on board the USS Belknap (at the time the Flagship of the 6th Fleet) Home Ported in Gaeta, Italy. 
I at the time was serving on board the USS Sierra AD-18 (destroyer tender) and we were at the beginning of our Med-Cruise. 

Well, one of the places we were scheduled to port was Gaeta, Italy.  Now, at that time I knew my cousin was in the Navy but last I had heard he was in Washington DC.  He on the other hand had been keeping in touch with family regularly and knew I was on board the Sierra.

The Sierra pulls into port along side the Belknap and we are secured from detail, and within 15 minutes of securing from the detail my Chief is calling me over saying I have a visitor.  At that time I have no clue as to who, what, where, not a thing is coming to my mind as to a "visitor" and to get on board that quickly across the Flagship to boot.

Lo and Behold I report to my Chief and there is my cousin a 2nd class Petty Officer chatting along with my Chief and 1st class Petty Officer Wardean (a royal pain in the you know what).  My cousin informs me he has cleared it with my Chief so that when I get liberty (freedom for a few hours) I am to go spend time with him and his family for dinner. 

One of those moments of pure enjoyment when running into a relative when least expected!

So (yes, I am going to do it Jen), when Jeff (my cousin) gets me to their house to introduce me to his family, up runs this little blond girl who is maybe knee high on a grasshopper (told her that yesterday) to hug her DADDY and ask "Daddy, who is this guy?" 

Needless to say I truly enjoyed my first and following visits to Gaeta, Italy.  If you ever get a chance to go visit,  there is a Fantastic Cafe at the end of the bay that serves some Great Double Capachinos with plenty of cream and has an Awesome view of the entire bay.  I remember many days at that cafe just enjoying the view and watching the simplicity of honest life happening under non-judgemental observation. 

Gaeta, Italy and running into Family so very, very far away from home opened my eyes to viewing things just a little bit differently and with a little more joy.


  1. '...honest life happening under non judgemental observation'. I like this.

  2. I love 'memory' posts especially the ones that involve me. :) I read it to Grandma Peggy and she said you should have been a writer!

  3. The most unexpected visit is often the most enjoyable one.

  4. Clare - I thought that was a judicious use of the Quill.

    Jenn. - Glad you liked it

    Madame Defarge - Those are always welcome as the tend to add a delicious spice to life


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