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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Begins

Something a bit different.

School is out.
Teachers recharge.  (My Wife, and all Teachers deserve!)
Kids (mine) have no classes and get to explore outside the classrooms.

Families have time to be Families.
Play games.
Experience Life together.

and Friends
all parts of what Summer should be.

Summer is what we make of it.
Summer is what we put into it.
Summer is............................. Family!

What is Summer to you?


  1. Root Beer Floats, an amusement park, the smell of cut grass and relaxing on the porch in cool evening air watching the stars come out, excellent post.

  2. Spending time with my husband and kids. (my dog too!!) Having time to enjoy my first cup of coffee without having to run out the door to get to school to make copies I forget to get done. Finally having time to read a novel not a 2nd or 3rd grade story book. Sleep without stress. Only having to worry about 2 children not 2 children and 18 students.

  3. Hello there,
    This post reminds me of my childhood years when I was living in Europe so many years ago. I always enjoy the change from one season to another, especially from spring to summer. WOW!

    Thank you for following my blog on Google Friend Connect. I have also followed your blog too.
    Let's keep in touch.

  4. Summer for me now is quiet roads for my drive to work. A chance of warm weather even in Scotland. Mostly though it is light nights and long walks, days at the beach and Edinburgh Festival.

  5. Summer in New Jersey is hot and humid! I love to go fishing and play with my dogs. So the best part of my summer is that I have gone back home to Colorado and seeing my family and one of my best freinds who I haven't seen in 14 years has been such a joy. So yes family,friends,reminising about the past and talking our futures and not letting so many years go by with out seeing one another again.


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