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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nebraska going to the Big Ten, Interesting

If you have taken the time to view my profile you will have noticed I am a Nebraska Corn Huskers Fan.  Have been as far back as I can recall. 

I remember for years when Nebraska and Oklahoma were the Powerhouses of the Big 8 conference and the Conference Champion would come from the Nebraska Vs Oklahoma game.  Some of the best College Football games ever played were between those two teams facing off every year. 

I don't know, maybe my die hard attitude came about because I was the only Huskers fan around nothing but Sooners fans.  My Dad and his entire family were/are all Sooners.  Whenever it was time for "The Game" it always felt like me and my Huskers against the world (his entire family)!  Man, did I love when we won and I got to rub it in.  The reverse is also true, when they won I caught it from all sides.  One thing always stood out We all appreciated "Good" games no matter who won. 

Everything changed when it became the Big 12 and added the teams from Texas.  Now, just as the Big 12 is really starting to build some good rivalry games and it constantly looks like a slug out conference, it looks as if the Big 12 is dissolving before our eyes. 

Colorado announcing today that it is going to the Pac-10 and Looking more and more as if Nebraska will be going to the Big-10 (what will they call that conference "Big-12 version 1.2") and then several schools looking to run to the Pac-10 following Colorado.  By my figures it leaves 4 or 5 schools out in the wind (Mizz, KSU, KU, ISU, Baylor).  An idea running around in my head since I heard the news last night about Nebraska leaving was where those remaining schools might go --  Conference USA would be a good match up competition wise in football and basketball for KSU, KU, Baylor, and ISU.  The level of play and type of play on the field and on the court would make for another "Mega Conference" and do it with only one other out there that would be the "Pac-16".  Mizz could easily fit into the MWC and or WAC or even be the cornerstone for a MWC/WAC merger. 

Back to my Beloved Corn Huskers.  When this happens I truly hope that they can set it up to have the NU/OU game every year again.  A rivalry game that should never have been put on a 2 times every 4 years schedule.  As for looking at the "New" conference:  I can see some Monster Games building up if all of the schools can keep their level of play going. 


Nebraska Vs Ohio State (never let them "Dot" the "i" in Lincoln!)
Nebraska Vs Michigan (when they get built back up/ not with the mess they are today)
Nebraska Vs Penn State (against the man Joe Pa (may he be always be immortal for College Football))
Nebraska Vs Wisconsin (another match up of "Reds")
other notables that could make for fantastic games:
Iowa, Illinois, Purdue. 

Could all make for a very interesting regular season starting in 2011 or 2012. 

All because of two major discords in the Big-12. 
1.  the announcements that all Big-12 title games would be played in Dallas (Huge home field advantage for any team from the South Division). 
2.  Texas not wanting to get a Big-12 network going because they were more interested in a "Texas" network not wanting to share revenue with the others. 

With that being said, this year and possibly next year will make for a "Killer" Big-12.  All teams in the Big-12 will be vying to gain a major foot hold in recruiting prior to the shift so they will all be out for "blood" and pounding down the "dying conference" foes. 

However it all works out, I think we are all in for a Very competitive Conference this year and possibly next year and maybe some creation of "hated" rivalries for out of conference games when the new conferences start up.

Hope to hear from you all and Comments are welcome. 
(just remember keep it clean and no personal slams)


  1. We could only dream of a final Big 12 championship game between Nebraska and Texas. Leave it all on the field.

  2. whooosh, thats the sound of your blog going right over my head! I suspect we talk here of American football and not what you call soccer? Not that it matters I would still be lost although I hope to follow the world cup.

  3. Nebraska has accepted the Big Ten invite and looks to join them in the 2011 season. Will make for some Fantastic College Football.


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