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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Space: You got to Love It!

You will all have to forgive me!?!? 

Those of you that have been following are more than likely getting the idea that I like my SPACE.

While sitting here trying to think of what to write, I was surfing the net and just letting my mind wander as I looked at the images on the screen and listening to Enya, and I ran into one of my Favorites "The Universe" on the History Channel. 

If you have not seen it (parts of the series) you are Truly missing out on some fantastic imagery and visualizations of space and what is out there.  They have a multitude of Episodes dealing with several different things that are in space or that we may find in space. 

I will post a couple of links so that you might find the pages and videos easier than I did and hopefully you will find some of it entertaining, enjoyable, and educational.

If you have not noticed by now, I tend to want to make us think about all kinds of things.  No particular single subject has or hopefully never does become the soul purpose of this site other than to make us all THINK.

So here are a couple of Pics and Links to go with them to a couple of different spots on The History Channel:

This is in the first clip that the History Channel has for: The Backyard Astronomer.  Many more clips in the series are listed on the same page.

This is a link to an Interactive Universe that will allow you to get basic information on all the Planets and a few other items that we all may or may not be aware of out in that vast expanse we call Space.

This one has various NASA clips from various little space bits.  19 clips total on the page and range in time from 5 seconds to around 40 seconds.  One thing you do need to see advertisements before each clip is shown so just be aware of that.  Most if not all of these shots are worth a little advertising discomfort.

All Video clip Pictures were grabbed by "snip it" in Windows 7 directly from the video clips on The History Channel.

Hope You all enjoy some of this if not all of it, and any suggestions on related topics or things you would like to know more about let me know.  I would love to look it up and post what I have learned.

And to close:  Please Everyone have a Good Safe Week.

P.S. - Don't forget to vote on the new letter for "Topic Word".


  1. My husband is rather into astronomy, so enjoyed reading this post. I just get baffled by the scale of it all and end up feeling rather insignificant.

  2. I voted for my favorite letter. I voted for "A".

    Bet you are wondering why!!!

    Naw, you are smart enough to know why I picked "A".......


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