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Friday, June 4, 2010

Change and Judging Yourself

Have you ever looked at yourself?  Really "Looked" at yourself? 
I am not talking about looking at yourself in the mirror just for looks.  Yes, sometimes looking in the mirror can show Change that has taken a physical toll on a person, sometimes you can even read more into it than that; however, I mean delving down into the True You. 

Really look down into yourself and see who and what you are, how do you compare to your standard of what you expect of other people?  How do you compare to what you expect of yourself?  What rules, examples, actions have you set forth as a means of self judgement?  How have you Changed those?  How have they Changed You?

The rules, expectations, and standards of others do not apply here!  What matters and applies is what we have learned, understood and experienced in our own lives to set our own personal standards.  Age does not matter here, as anything can happen to anyone at any age and those happenings influence how we judge everything, everyone and most of all ourselves. 

Have you met or exceeded your standards?  Where do your "scales" balance out?  Good?  Lacking? 

Personally, I believe I am at an even balance.

I know I can do better! 

I constantly find myself adjusting and changing how I look at things and what I expect out of others.  Over the last year since I was diagnosed with Later Stage Emphysema,  I have found that it is much easier to Change others around me by Changing and Judging myself first, foremost, and hardest.

Effecting Change can only come about by Affecting Change.  (Like I tell my kids,  Look it up!  Who knows, maybe I got them backwards.  Did I?)

Understanding that Last statement will open a whole new way of Judging Yourself, and how you look at others. 

Let me know your thoughts.  (Even if you think I am nuts or if you have a differing opinion I would like to see it.)


  1. Dan, I try to do this on a regular basis. It is all about re-evaluating your goals, dreams and even standards and measures. I do it kind of like a checks and balances type system.

    Both my hubby and I have to do this to keep ourselves and our life together in check.

    PS: 23 followers? Sheesh, you have been busy!

  2. Well, I'd had between shoulder- and waist-length hair for the last 20 years, and I just cut most of it off. And almost immediately, after 9 months of unemployment, I've got a job. Probably coincidence, but it makes you think.

  3. Interesting post thank you Dan. I over assess myself and all else. Currently I'm at exceeeds expectations on my scales. I've come so far in the last year and learned so much about me!

  4. I like this post too. I've been writing a sort of diary since I was 10 and I write most days and obviously I've changed a lot since then, but at what point? I can read a few years on and it's like a different person has written the entry. Someone once said that we become almost a different person every 7 years- it may have been from the film, 'The Waking Life'.


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