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Monday, June 14, 2010

A New semi- Interactive Idea or Chosen Letters and Chosen Words

I am trying something new to see what it is like for me and those of you that are following me regularly.  I came across the idea when I read an article on Yahoo news about how one of the most Prestigious Universities at Oxford was doing away with a long time entrance admissions test.

The Idea is elegant in its simplicity.  People that had been seeking admissions basically had to do one thing and one thing only discuss/write about One (1) word only.  They had no notice of exactly what that One word was until they got into the room and turned over the paper that was on the desk.  The stopwatch starts there. 

So, I took it and modified it for myself and you the readers and will try to do this twice a month.  It will be done with two Polls that will run 4 days each.  The first of these Polls will be just like the one you see to your right consisting of 6 random letters chosen by my daughters and the winning letter will decide where I am to look for 6 random words in the Dictionary.  Then those 6 words will be posted in a Poll within 24 hours of the finish of the last Poll and will have 4 days to garner votes on which word is to be Used for the next blog topic.

I hope this is something that can make the site semi-interactive in allowing you the reader(s) help decide a topic.  As always, suggestions in your comments are always welcome and will do my best to see if I can write upon what topic(s) you are interested in. 

So take an active roll here and vote, just to the right at the top of the column, and let us all see what we come up with.


  1. Your poll thing isn't working. I will come back later for it.


I have made a change and removed the word verification and your comments will go right up; HOWEVER, if I think it will "OFFEND" my other readers it will be removed.

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