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Friday, June 25, 2010

Do you "LISTEN"? or Giving Credit!

Do you Listen to your "Husband"?

Do you Listen to your "Wife"?

A few days ago in one of the forums I got involved with, and participated in commenting on the various threads, specifically one thread that touched on this subject very lightly and jokingly.  With Yesterday's post and my wife's comment I realized I was in breach of Husband protocol.

I did not mean it Guys!  I did not even know I had done it until I read my wife's comment and posted it.
I do not believe she caught the code , so I think we all are safe and she won't blast it over the Wife Network of Utterly Knowing Minds (aka: the dreaded WNUKM or NUKE'M).

I will rewind a bit and give you the jist of it as best as I can recollect.

My wife is a Teacher and is currently out on summer vacation and for the first month she is taking her "Continuing Education" tid bits to give her new ideas and ways to approach different students.  One of the classes she took involved trying to get younger children interested in reading and writing.  For some reason, this class really got her going.  (Not sure but I think they gave the Teachers that attended some kind of literacy drug!)

That night (which would be Weds.), We went to bed as usual and I am laying there surfing the Boob Tube as my wife is discussing how her day and classes went.  I maintained protocol by saying all of the keywords in all the right places to let her know I was listening and understanding what she was telling me, all the while noting that my Texas Rangers had (to date still have) a good streak going, that Wimbledon was having an epic match between two Unknowns, and of course loving the fact that the USA World Cup team overcame FIFA's poor "officiating" to qualify for the round of 16. 

One of the things she started talking about that pulled my attention back to what she was saying was she mentioned Abraham Lincoln's hat.  His HAT of all things?!?!?  So for just a moment my attention had been snagged by her and what they had talked about. 

Now remember, I am surfing the channels and "Listening" to my wife and in bed so I am slowly drifting off to sleep in the process.

Looking and trying to listen to the recording of the night in my head, I think it involved something called "RAFT" (what it means, I have NO clue whatsoever) and how they were to get the kids involved in their reading by writing something as one of the objects in the story and how that object viewed what happened.

The very next morning (Yesterday) I woke up with a "WOW" moment with a Great little post.  Thus "The "Quill" " was born.

I like to have my wife read what I wrote so that if she likes she can tell people she knows that there is something interesting on my blog to read, and from time to time she may comment on it or about it.  She is my wife after all and She is the One I want to share my whole life with from beginning to end!

Well, last night as I was getting ready to wrap things up, I checked the blog to see if I had any comments to post and lo and behold my wife had placed a comment.  I opened it up to read before posting and "UH_OH!!!!!!"  There it is in Code. 

YOU did that "LISTENING" without "LISTENING" AGAIN!!!!!!!!
and to make matters worse - I did not give her credit for giving me the idea.

Honestly, I did not remember what was said Wednesday night and that it had triggered my Thursday post. 
But It Did!

So, with all humility, I tell you all now that Yesterday's The "Quill" was inspired by my wife's comments the night previous. 

Guys, I truly believe we are safe from NUKE'M (WNUKM). 

To all out there, this is an example of how NOT to practice the skill of "listening" without "listening". 

Guys are not the only ones that do this.  I have caught my wife doing this on several occasions as well but have not picked up the signals yet so I can not file a proper report with GOAL (Guys Observing All Ladies).

Now I am in a dilemma:  do I actually "Listen" for the next month or am I stuck actually "Listening" for the rest of the Summer?  And in both of those do I have to forfeit my surfing privileges while she talks?


  1. As an official with WOMB (Women Observers of Male Blogs) I encourage you to listen to you wife or I will have to report you for further, intensive observation and possible sanctions.

  2. Yeah, what Nana said. And ya know, we all listen to our Nanas!

    Yeah, I "listen" to my hubs when he prattles on about work and stuff, but you have to LISTEN too.

    But you already know that, right?

  3. Believe me I don't want to Upset WOMB they are just as rough as NUKE'M.

    As it is I thought this was a Unique way to apologize and so did she. At least thats what she "said". Still trying to figure out if that was an acceptance or an "ok, what else?".

    The holes we dig ourselves into sometimes!

  4. Apology acepted. Thanks for giving me credit for your writing. You the extra staff development did pay off.

    I still Love You and will make sure the TV is off next time I want to tell you something I learned in class.

  5. Lol Dan could have been in trouble! I sit in the kitchen with MrM for minimal distractions during any chats. Often I need my full active listening ears switch to high power to understand what is going on in his head.


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