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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Retrospective Reflection

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I normally try to spend a little time looking back retrospectively trying to figure out where I could be a better Father.

It just so happens that this year I have this here blog thingy I have been working on and what better way to positively get my thoughts out there and maybe make other Fathers think about what kind of Dads we all are!

Last Year at this time I had just recently been diagnosed with my Emphysema and Honestly it put me in a funk for a good part of this last year.  Looking back I would have to say that definitely the first half I "STUNK" as a Dad/Father. 

I was so self absorbed and depressed it was not funny.  I barked when there was no need to bark!  I bit when there was no need to bite.  I separated myself from my family by staying on "My" side of the house.  They could do nothing right and I could do nothing right for them. 

They never came out and told me they just let it happen and were there for me even then. 

As we started the new year and the second half of school, I started coming back.  I started taking active participation with my family and trying to enjoy what I could do with them and for them.  I spend a little time at anytime just to go out of my way to bug and tease, poke and prod, tickle and laugh with my family.  Something I should have done all year!

If you ask them they will tell you I have been a Great Dad, as a Father that has strived to be better than my Father (and he was a good Dad), I know better. 

So this Father's Day I ask that you Fathers that read this look back and see where you could do better. 

For those of you not Fathers reading this Please remember we are Human no matter how Super Human we Dads can sometimes appear with the things we do.  We do have our moments but we are still Human and suceptible to minor meltdowns. 

To my Daughters and Wife, who will definitely read this sometime Today or Tomorrow, I Vow to be a Better Father this year!


  1. Well done, Danny Boy.

    My father and I have always been almost inseperable. However, six years ago he went through a "mid life crisis" and went out with a BANG. Needless to say it severly damaged our relationship and it has taken the past four years to try to get us back together. It is a struggle for me as much as it is for him, because both of us found out he wasn't perfect.

    Of course, his "mid life crisis" means he will live to be 120, so that should be fun.

  2. I decided not to spend time thinking about what sort of father I am. Cos I'm not! Might think about what sort of person I am. Thanks for your comment today!

  3. Dad/Honey,

    First off we know you had a very hard year but you were always a great DAD and Husband. We always know we are safe when we are with you. Your girls want you to know that there is one fault with your blog --- You put a LITTLE time bugging us but it's most of the time. You may feel that you separated yourself from but you always tried to come out and have fun with us.


  4. Amber,

    Now that you are back on "track" with your Dad it should be fun seeing what 120 would be like.

    Mrs. Midnite, Anything that makes us think is good. Thank you

    Love and little loves, I knew you would all say that. I Love you all as well!


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