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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poll for "Topic Word" - First Letter Winner is "Q"

Well, for some reason the Poll gadget is not working properly today and will not let me post a new poll.

So, I shall post it in this manner to allow everyone to comment on the word they would like to see as the "Topic Word". 

It was a very tight race but Q pulled out a victory at the end and so the 6 words to pick from are:

1.  Queen

2.  Quality

3.  Queer

4.  Quaint

5.  Quill

6.  Quasar

As you can see, I have hopefully made up a diverse list out of the 6 words.  All you need to do is post in the comments and you can tell me the word or the number and when the Poll gadget starts working again I will post it in a Poll and place your answers there.  Remember 4 days and Poll Closes at 12:00 PM (Noon for those of you who get confused over am and pm when it pertains to 12:00 o'clock).


  1. I'm completely torn between "Quasar" and "Quill"

  2. I also, like Tyrie, like both Quasar and Quill. I'll have to go with Quasar, personally. The word comes from Quasi-Star, I think I read. Hopefully the poll gadget starts to work again. I have a poll too that is broken now, as you know.

  3. Guasar is my vote! Would love to see what you might right about it!

  4. Personally, I like Quasar as well but will wait for the vote and mine does not count unless it breaks a tie.

  5. I will would like to see you write something using the word Quasar.

  6. Sorry. (Leroy here again.) Quasar actually comes from Quasi-Stellar Radio Source.

  7. I like Quill, but looks like I am going to lose out. Oh well, I can deal with Quasar.

  8. Im going with Quasar.
    Really I want to see a paragraph that makes sense...with all 6 words used.

    Or just quasar.

  9. I like "Queen" But I would. Quill would be my 2nd choice.


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